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Category: Why Technical College

Program Profile: What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

How many people can say that their job is to make people smile? Better yet, you can even be the person who makes smiles even better! The dental field is one that is continually growing, finding new technologies to help patients and offering new services to improve smiles. Because of these new developments, dental assistant […]

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The Best Careers for Computer Technicians

While plenty has changed over the past few years, one thing remains true: computers are not going away anytime soon. Think back a decade or two. Consider the technology available at that time. Fast forward to today, and the leaps and bounds technology has achieve over time is astounding! Since so much has changed in […]

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Program Profile: Get Your Career in Shape as a Personal Trainer

One of the most common resolutions in the new year for many people is to lose weight, get in shape, and feel better. This time of year becomes increasingly busy for one industry: personal trainers. Along with New Year’s resolutions, many people seek personal trainers year-round for various reasons. Some people need a professional to […]

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Program Profile: Top Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant

Have you always been drawn to the medical profession? There’s so much to be inspired by: helping others, discovering new things, and even getting your hands dirty with hard, rewarding work. Not only is the healthcare field a fulfilling place to spend a career, it is also one of the most stable, consistent, and growing […]

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On the Fast Track: How to Start a New Career Quickly

The need for a career change can come for so many reasons. Are you in a rut professionally and feel uninspired in your field? Is your industry not hiring? Do you feel like your talents are better suited for another role? Or are you simply just looking for a career that is fulfilling and helps […]

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