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Grand Junction Campus

Established in 1985, the IntelliTec College Grand Junction campus targets some of the most in-demand industries and gives students the skills needed to succeed in their chosen careers. This campus is one of the few vocational schools on the Western Slope, which allows the staff to offer a heightened level of customer service. As the second oldest campus within IntelliTec College, the Grand Junction location is the parent campus to both Pueblo and Albuquerque.

Grand Junction is the largest town on the Western Slope centrally located between Salt Lake City, UT and Denver, CO. This area is a mecca for outdoor sports including kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowmobiling, fishing and cycling, and more.

Cheryl Morris, Grand Junction Campus Director, says that she wants to help students develop a vision for their future. “We want students to feel secure and assist them in developing their vision for their future as well as personal and academic growth. Our goal is for our students to become employed in a field they love and know we assisted them on that journey.”

Our hands-on training gives students the abilities and confidence needed to start a career quickly.

Grand Junction Campus Programs

Automotive Technician

Have a passion for cars? As an Automotive Technician, you solve problems, work on cars, meet new people, and experience new challenges each day.

LENGTH: 10.5 Months
EARN: Certificate
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Empower others to look and feel their best as a cosmetologist! With our hands-on training in our instructor-supervised salons, you can learn the essentials while earning your certificate.

LENGTH: 13.5 Months
EARN: Certificate
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Dental Assistant

Want a career that is all about smiles? Train to become a dental assistant, a career that is both stable and exciting, with new tasks and new people to encounter each day.

LENGTH: 9 Months
EARN: Certificate
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Massage Therapy

Restore body movement and function through advanced techniques taught in the Massage Therapy program.

LENGTH: 9 Months
EARN: Certificate
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Medical Assistant

Do you have an interest in health, wellness, and caring for others? Put your compassion and skills to work as a medical assistant.

LENGTH: 10.5 Months
EARN: Certificate
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Grand Junction Campus Location

Located in the Horizon District by the airport, the main campus is easy to commute from in and outside the community. Grand Valley Transit operates a public bus service through the Grand Valley and the Grand Junction campus is close to one.

The campus has an active Student Ambassadors program which help with food baskets, gas cards and tutoring. Additionally, program supervisors or the Tec Café can provide helpful tutoring. There is an “interview room” with a variety of fresh professional clothing students may choose from for job interviews. Finally, bus passes may be available for students in need.

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Why Do Students Come to IntelliTec?

Student Spotlight

Even though he had a basic understanding of cars before coming to IntelliTec, Dustin Cooper knew that he could do more and truly create a career.

Find Out How Dustin’s Hard Work Paid Off with an Amazing Job

Career Profile

Becoming a Dental Assistant means training in all areas of dentistry, serving a critical role in keeping an office or clinic running efficiently. A stable and fulfilling career awaits you.

See Why Dental Assistants Enjoy a Healthy Work / Life Balance  

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to start a new career, but you don’t know where to begin? Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, browse some FAQs to get the answers you need.

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Learn 5 Great Reasons Our Students Choose Us for Career Training

  1. Earn Certificate – In as few as 9-13.5 months.
  2. Stand out to employers – With valuable, hands-on training for an in-demand career.
  3. Take only the courses you need – We’re designed to get you in and out with the skills and knowledge you need to be successful, requiring very few general education classes.
  4. Get personalized attention  –  From instructors who have real-world, industry experience, in small classrooms and modern labs that simulate work environments.
  5. Job Search Guidance  – Our Career Services team is here to help you launch your new career by guiding and assisting you in your job search.