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Get hands-on training for a career in Automotive, IT, Beauty, Healthcare or HVAC at IntelliTec College. You can start the process today!

Start Training Now to Be Out There Working in as Little as 4 Weeks*

The world out there – let’s be honest: it’s challenging. The job market is quite competitive and finding good work without having some kind of training isn’t easy. Some people go the university route, but that’s really expensive and takes at least 4 years. And many university grads are having a hard time finding jobs to pay off that debt.

The smarter, quicker choice is to get targeted, hands-on training for a practical career. It costs a lot less than university and you have a much better chance at quickly starting your new career when you graduate with up-to-date and in-demand skills in growing industries.

Now Enrolling for All Classes
  • Feb 24thAutomotive Technician: Intellitec College - Pueblo 3673 Parker Blvd. Pueblo CO USA 81008
  • Feb 24thMassage Therapy: Intellitec College - Pueblo 3673 Parker Blvd. Pueblo CO USA 81008
  • Feb 24thComputer Systems Technician: Intellitec College - Colorado Springs 2315 East Pikes Peak Avenue Colorado Springs CO USA 80909
  • Feb 24thCosmetologist: Intellitec College - Pueblo 3673 Parker Blvd. Pueblo CO USA 81008
  • Feb 24thDental Assistant: Intellitec College - Pueblo 3673 Parker Blvd. Pueblo CO USA 81008
  • Feb 24thMedical Assistant: Intellitec College - Pueblo 3673 Parker Blvd. Pueblo CO USA 81008
  • Feb 24thRefrigeration and HVAC Technician: Intellitec College - Pueblo 3673 Parker Blvd. Pueblo CO USA 81008

Show Me Where the Jobs Are

Some of the top industries to get career training in today are Automotive, IT, Beauty, Healthcare and HVAC. These industries continue to have good demand for skilled, trained workers.

At IntelliTec College, you can get hands-on career training that’s focused on helping you find a good job, and you can do that in a relatively short time. Most of our programs can be completed in less than 12 months, and the Nursing Assistant courses can be completed in only 4 weeks.

And if you’re going to get a degree, why not get the more practical Associate of Occupational Studies Degree, which only takes 18 months to complete instead of 4 years? We offer 18-month AOS Degrees for the Automotive Technician and Refrigeration & HVAC Technician programs.

Are There Campuses Near Me?

With three campuses in Colorado and one in Albuquerque, there’s a career-focused program somewhere near you, so you could be starting classes really soon.

To determine what your first step should be, click on the program that interests you below to find out more.

  • Automotive Technician

    Ready to learn hands-on to perform maintenance, run diagnostic tests, and do repairs on vehicles with IntelliTec College's Automotive Technician program? Certificate program takes 12 months*. AOS Degree program is 19.5 months*.

  • Computer Systems Technician

    Turn your passion for computers into a career in IT. With job-focused training at IntelliTec College, you can learn to set up and maintain networks and keep routers and servers functioning. Program length is 19.5 months*.

  • Cosmetologist

    Got the talent for making yourself and others look great? Get some professional training and build a career in the Beauty industry! IntelliTec College's Cosmetology program can help you make that dream a reality in only 15 months*.

  • Dental Assistant

    Want to help people have and maintain great teeth and a winning smile without training for years to be a dentist? In only 10.5 months*, you can be prepared to do just that with IntelliTec College's Dental Assistant program.

  • Massage Therapy

    Want to help others by putting your hands to work? Develop a rewarding career that helps people relax, reduce stress and heal from injury. The Massage Therapy program at IntelliTec College can set you up for all that in 9 months*.

  • Medical Assistant

    Got organization skills and a desire to help people in a fulfilling healthcare career? You might be the ideal candidate for the Medical Assistant program at IntelliTec College. You can be ready to jump into a career in only 12 months*.

  • Nursing Assistant

    You don't have to spend months or years to build a rewarding career. If you want to help people in a healthcare setting, IntelliTec College has a 4-week Nursing Assistant program that saves you time and money.

  • Refrigeration and HVAC Technician

    We enjoy climate-controlled environments. If you're independent, like to work with your hands and want to help people feel comfortable, the 19.5 month* Refrigeration & HVAC program at IntelliTec College might be right for you.

*Our Nursing Assistant program runs for 4 weeks and can get you quickly set up for work. Other programs run longer than that.

Is Hands-On Training for a Rewarding Career Right for You? Get More Info…

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