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Empower others to look and feel their best as you learn cutting edge styling, skin care and nail care techniques.  
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A great education never goes out of style.  Turn your passion into a profession at IntelliTec College.  Through our hands-on training, you will learn how to create unique hair styles, infuse the skin with pampering care and polish beautiful nails. 

Empower others to look and feel more beautiful as you learn cutting edge styling techniques at our beauty school and salon.

Our Cosmetology program is offered in:


Program Overview


Classes Start July 8th

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Admissions Requirements

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What will I learn?


Through our hands-on training, you will learn how to create unique hair styles, infuse the skin with pampering care and polish beautiful nails.

Some of the courses you will take:
COS-100 Introduction to Cosmetology Theory & Application
COS-102 Intermediate Cosmetology Theory & Application
COS-103 Introduction to Clinic Floor Services & Practices 1

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Skills and Training

During your time at IntelliTec College, develop hands-on skills by learning:  

  • Cosmetology training in hair styling and coloring, chemical texturizing, facial and skin care treatment, nail services and make-up techniques. 
  • Real-life client experience in the IntelliTec College Cosmetology Salon.   
  • Tools for the trade.  You’ll receive a complete cosmetologist’s kit when you begin your program stocked with essential hairstyling, nail service and skin care items. 
  • The Matrix CRAFT Metholology.

The importance of personal communication in client retention and marketing when building a business. 

Personalized instruction from licensed cosmetologists and/or former salon owners. 

  • How to prepare for your Colorado State Board of Cosmetology exam. 

Cosmetologist Program Gainful Employment Disclosures: Grand Junction | Pueblo


Cosmetologists color and style all types of hair along with other hair services.  In addition, other beauty services include manicures, pedicures and skin care services, as well as the basics of applying makeup for customers.  

  • Salon stylist 
  • Full-service cosmetologist 
  • Hair color specialist 
  • Hairstylist 
  • Makeup consultant and technician 
  • Theatre makeup artist 
  • Nail technician 
  • Manicurist/pedicurist 
  • Skin care specialist 
  • Beauty salon owner/manager 
  • Day spa personal care advisor 
  • Fashion or image consultant 
  • Sales representative 
  • Product company representative 
  • Retail sales/manufacturer representative 
  • State inspector/proctor for state licensing exam

What is the salary potential in this career?

IntelliTec College provides career-training programs for entry-level positions. Salaries vary depending on geographic location, economic conditions, and willingness to relocate. Salaries by occupation and specific location can be found at National figures for labor market activity, working conditions, and price changes in the economy are available at or visit the campus career services department to learn where IntelliTec College graduates work and the beginning salaries in their respective careers.

What is the job outlook for the next 10 years?

According to the US Department of Labor, job opportunities for qualified applicants with the right skills and education should be very good and those who complete formal postsecondary training programs or achieve ASE certification should enjoy the best job prospects.

What are the typical working hours for this career?

The majority of automotive technicians are employed on a full-time basis. Some automotive service centers are open late or on weekends so technicians may have to work some evenings and weekends.

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