This month, we are excited to launch our latest certificate program – Computer Systems Technician! Offered at our Colorado Springs and Albuquerque campuses, the new program can be completed in as few as a quick 10.5 months, putting you on the fast track to a great new career.

As we all know, technology has become a major part of our lives. From how we communicate to how we buy goods, technology is an integral component in how we accomplish the most basic tasks. Especially for companies, the need for technology is growing, allowing businesses to meet customer needs and stay competitive.

Since companies are continuing to grow and improve their technological services – both internally and externally – it makes sense that skilled Computer Systems Technicians are in high demand. The number and variety of positions that are available allow professionals to choose a job that speaks to their personality and skills. You couldn’t ask for a more versatile or valuable career program!

Why Become a Computer Systems Technician?

But, you may be wondering, what does a career in Computer Systems Technology mean for me? Read along as we share some of the biggest perks of this new certificate program, which can help you decide if it’s the right career move for you.

Help Companies Do Business Better

Companies are continuing to expand their use of technology, not just for better customer experience, but also for better internal, employee communication.

For instance, many companies use intranet services that give valuable information to employees; they also use databases and management systems to help employees do their jobs more effectively. For customers, companies provide better mobile website experiences, more customer service, and online products that improve the customer experience.

By having a Computer Systems Technician professional on staff, a company can better manage the many modes of technology they rely on to make business successful. A technician who is on staff can find problems, provide solutions, and keep systems running smoothly.

Additionally, Computer Systems Technicians can not only prevent issues from occurring, but they can help innovate new ideas and strategies that improve business overall. Since our technicians learn the complexities of the trade in our program, they can provide real solutions that can drive sales, make communication better, or even expand services for a company.

Use Technology Skills to Help People

A common myth about the technology sector is that you work alone, with little interaction. While this can be the case in some positions, it is definitely not the trend.

Often, Computer Systems Technicians are people who enjoy helping others, solving problems, providing customer service, and working collaboratively. Since technology can sometimes be frustrating for those who do not understand it, a Computer Systems Technician is someone who is patient, can communicate well, and has a positive attitude.

A Computer Systems Technician role blends the innovative business mind with a customer-focused, helpful spirit. If you are looking for a meaningful career that helps others, but also uses technical skills to make a difference, you are in the right place.

Choose from a Variety of Positions

Just as technology is an evolving, diverse field, so are the positions that are needed in the industry. Whether you want to focus more on helping people or more on finding new technological solutions, there is a job for you.

The Career Services Advisors at IntelliTec College work directly with companies who are hiring in our communities. By knowing what employers want from our graduates, our instructors can create programs that prepare you for any role you might want.

Some of the most common positions for Computer Systems Technician Certificate holders are:

  • Information Technology Associate
  • PC Support Technician or Specialist
  • Network Systems Administrator (junior level)
  • Help Desk Support Specialist
  • Network Technician
  • Technical Field Support Specialist
  • Networking Administrator
  • Computer Systems Administrator
  • Information Security/Assurance Analyst (entry-level)
  • Mobile Device Specialist

With this program, you aren’t limited to just one position. In fact, because of your training, you can take on a job, then continue to grow, learn, and develop your skills over time to continue building a career in the technology sector.

Become a Skilled Professional

Even if you don’t know anything about information technology, you can come into this program and learn it all. Our industry-experienced instructors teach you in courses that progress from entry-level knowledge to advanced, technological expertise.

While some people may understand how to use a computer or phone, not everyone knows the ins and outs of these systems. Through this program, you truly become an expert in a field that is relatively foreign to many.

Learning the basics now prepares you for a long-term career that is filled with new challenges and exciting developments. The more technology grows and fills our daily lives, the more you have job security in a field that needs your skills.

Continue to Grow and Learn for Your Career

The beauty of technology is that it is always evolving and becoming more interesting. With our Computer Systems Technician Certificate program, you are able to then become certified for much more, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

Our program prepares you for sitting for these certificate exams, and helps you decide what certifications are best for your career goals. We help you become prepared to sit for the following certifications: CompTIA IT Fundamentals, CompTIA A+ Certified Technician, CompTIA Network+ Certified Professional, CompTIA Security+ Certified Professional, Microsoft Technology Associate – Server, and Linux Essentials.

When you are learning with us, you will come to know more about each of these certifications and how additional growth and learning can help your career path.

Get a Job in One of the Fastest Growing Fields: Apply Today!

Think our Computer Systems Technician program sounds like a good fit for you? Jumpstart your next career move, and apply to our new program today.

With courses offered at both our Albuquerque, NM and Colorado Springs, CO campuses, you can find a program that works for you and your schedule. In less than a year, you can have all the skills you need to find a job that is rewarding, lucrative, and stable.

To read program success stories and to learn how this exciting new program can benefit you, click here.

Apply for the New Computer Systems Technician Program Now

Article written by: Kaufman, Doug. Engine Builder Magazine, 2017

When it was launched in 2012, the Performance Engine Builder of the Year competition was Engine Builder magazine’s attempt to celebrate the unsung heroes of the racing world.

“After all, the driver, the crew chief, the team owner – heck even the driver’s dog – each get more TV time and fan recognition than the engine builder,” explains Engine Builder publisher/editor Doug Kaufman. Kaufman says there is an old adage about winning races: “To finish first, you must first finish. A less familiar adage is ‘You won’t even start the race without an engine.’

“And even less known but even more important is this,” Kaufman says: “If you don’t know how to build an engine you’re not going anywhere.”

To honor his commitment to Engine Builder’s third law, Dave Gorman, an Automotive Technician instructor at IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs, CO, was named the runner up in the magazine’s competition sponsored by Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ brands Speed-Pro POWERFORGED Pistons and Fel-Pro Performance Gaskets.

Dave Gorman, IntelliTec College High-Performance Instructor

“I am honored to be selected as the runner-up in the 2016 Performance Engine Builder of the Year supported by Engine Builder magazine. To be one of the few automotive colleges to receive such an award is something I am very proud of,” Gorman says.

The High Performance Engine Building Program at IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs started many years ago. This is Gorman’s 20th year teaching automotive technology with the last 10 years being at IntelliTec College. Early in his career he saw a void in the automotive educational system, specifically in the high performance engine capacity.

“I looked at some curriculum at some post-secondary automotive schools around the country that were teaching high performance engines and it was very generic with no depth,” Gorman says. “No scientific analysis or logic was being taught on when and why to install a certain high performance part. So I developed a 12-week HP program specifically on disassembly, design, blueprint and re-assembly, then fire-up with mostly domestic V8 engines that we have in-house on our running engine stands.”

Gorman runs a 12-week program on disassembly, design, blueprint, re-assembly and fire up on domestic V8s. He
emphasizes the importance of supporting the future of this industry by working with today’s young people.

The students learn how to calculate component selection through science analysis, logic and physical facts along with the ability to design and build 1000+ horsepower engines.

“One of my favorite engine builds was a car I drag raced for 27 years – A 1973 Plymouth Road Runner GTX with a supercharged-alcohol injected 440 that produced 1155 HP with a flat tappet camshaft and Edelbrock street heads. The heavy Plymouth ran mid 8-second 1/4 mile times @ 162 mph at sea level.”

As expected with many teachers/instructors, the thrill of the job for Gorman is receiving positive feedback from the student body.

“The future of the high performance world is only getting better,” he says. “You MUST be educated on designing and building high performance engines if the vehicle in question is going to perform up to expectations.”

As part of his award, Federal-Mogul Motorparts and Engine Builder magazine donated a critical piece of test equipment to Gorman’s program.

Colorado Springs Automotive Technician students learn on High Performance cars.
“This is a rapidly changing industry,” explains Kaufman. “We are proud to support Dave Gorman’s and IntelliTec College’s commitment to equipping the next generation of passionate engine experts with the skills to be successful.”

Kaufman, Doug. “Dave Gorman, 2016 Performance Engine Builder of the Year Runner Up.” Engine Builder Magazine Jan. 2017: 16. Web.

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Partners in Refrigeration & HVAC

The Pikes PeakPPMCA Mechanical Contractors Association presented an “Outstanding Educational Partner” Award to IntelliTec College staff for their involvement with the highly successful Enhanced Mechanic IV Program, including its initial design and approval.  Pictured from left to right are Mr. Chuck Fonda, former HVAC/R Project Manager for IntelliTec College and current “hands-on” lab instructor, Ms. Joanie Johnston, Career Services Manager, Mr. Dave Ashmore, HVAC/R Program Supervisor and PPMCA President, Dan Rial. The PPMCA also wishes to send a big thank you to Mr. Mike Schranz, CEO of IntelliTec College, for his unending support of the program over the last three years, and to Mr. Ray Ada, Campus Director as well as all the other numerous support staff at IntelliTec College.

The Pikes Peak Mechanical Contractors Association salutes IntelliTec’s efforts in making the program a huge success!

About IntelliTec Colleges

IntelliTec Colleges provide hands-on career training in Colorado and New Mexico with Associate (Occupational Studies) Degrees and Certificate programs designed to be completed in 9 to 18 months. Campus locations includeAlbuquerque, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction and Pueblo. IntelliTec provides a supportive learning environment with small classes sizes and caring instructors. Learn how you can improve your life with a meaningful career byrequesting information at or calling 1-800-748-2282.  IntelliTec Colleges are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

Co-authors: Kayla Harper and Jason Sievert

Albuquerque students at the SkillsUSA Leadership training
Albuquerque students at the SkillsUSA Leadership training enjoying lunch at the conference.

SkillsUSA Promotes Occupational and Leadership Skills Through Competition and Community Service Projects

SkillsUSA empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders, and responsible American citizens. It improves the quality of America’s skilled workforce through a structured program of citizenship, leadership, employability, technical and professional skills training.

SkillsUSA programs include local, state, and national competitions in which students demonstrate occupational and leadership skills. At the annual national-level SkillsUSA Championships, more than 6,000 students compete in 100 occupational and leadership skill areas. SkillsUSA programs also help to establish industry standards for job skill training in the lab and classroom as well as promoting community service.

Albuquerque ITC just finishing up the first community service project down in Ruidoso, New Mexico
Albuquerque ITC just finishing up the first community service project down in Ruidoso, New Mexico

SkillsUSA IntelliTec Albuquerque Chapter Performs Community Service Project in Ruidoso, New Mexico

At IntelliTec College Albuquerque campus our students have just finished the steps necessary to receive their Chapter charter. In late October 2016, the chapter officers attended a state led leadership conference which aided in building their knowledge and growing their skills as professionals. The officer team returned from their conference and took the knowledge they had learned into their next meeting.

The result was the establishment of their first community service project, a perfect opportunity to use the student’s leadership skills to serve the community and practice their technical skills repairing vehicles. The project was in Ruidoso, New Mexico where a small camp had a dozen or so automotive related projects that desperately needed completion. Albuquerque ITC answered the call and was able to accomplish almost every task at hand. They were so efficient they also had time to relax a bit.

Many projects were completed including:

  • installing a new muffler and tailpipe on a JCB 214 Backhoe, diagnosing a bad alternator, and fixing the wiring.
  • Students repaired a draw on the battery on one vehicle and a repaired another that was overheating.
  • Another vehicle had the fuel pump replaced and two others were diagnosed with bad cam sensors and repaired.

Overall we put in 108 man hours and saved the camp over $4000. They were immensely grateful for the student’s effort and indicated they would love to have them back anytime. The students were very professional and all had a great time.

Future Plans for SkillsUSA IntelliTec Albuquerque Chapter

In the upcoming months, our students will prepare themselves for the New Mexico State Leadership and Skills Competition, a test of each students’ level of knowledge in their field of study. Wherever they place, they will build greatly needed skills to succeed as students and professionals and force their competitors to perform at their best. The goal is to win Gold at the state level and move on to the National level.

There is much more to come from the SkillsUSA IntelliTec Albuquerque chapter. Through the next few months and years to come I expect this organization to celebrate the opportunities and challenges that may arise. We will see many triumphs and some failures, but ultimately we will learn from both.

More About SkillsUSA

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry representatives working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce and helping each individual student to excel. The organization focuses on serving teachers and high school and college students who are preparing for careers in technical, skilled and service occupations, including health occupations and for further education. More than 300,000 students and advisors join SkillsUSA annually, organized into more than 18,000 sections and 52 state and territorial association and SkillsUSA has served more than 12.2 million members since its founding in 1965.

About IntelliTec College in Albuquerque

IntelliTec College in Albuquerque, NM offers hands-on career training for automotive technicians. This program awards an associate of occupational studies degree that is designed to be completed in 18 months. IntelliTec provides a supportive learning environment with small classes sizes and caring instructors. Learn how you can improve your life with a meaningful career by requesting information at or calling 505-508-5225.  IntelliTec College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

IntelliTec College Donates to Boys and Girls Cubs of Pueblo County
IntelliTec College Donates to Boys and Girls Cubs of Pueblo County with Funds from 2016 Car Expo.

IntelliTec College Donates Funds from Annual Car Expo and Pin-Up Contest to Two Pueblo Community Charities

Press Release – For Immediate Release

Pueblo, CO – This year’s 2016 Auto Show at IntelliTec College of Pueblo raised $2550 for two deserving charities: Posada of Pueblo and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County. This annual fundraising event continues to emphasize the importance of community partnerships and the need for funds for deserving charities, while bringing attention to organizations that do so much for the community.

Anne Stattelman, Executive Director for Posada of Pueblo is grateful for the relationship.

“IntelliTec becomes part of our organization via its advocacy during fundraisers such as this. They help to spread the word about what we do, and that’s always beneficial.”

IntelliTec College Donates to Posada of Pueblo
IntelliTec College Donates to Posada of Pueblo with Funds from 2016 Car Show.

Automotive Technology Students Generate the “Fun” in Fundraising

According to Campus Director Dave Scott, IntelliTec College of Pueblo  instills in its students the value of giving back to its community, and giving support to worthy local charities such as Posada and the Boys and Girls Clubs is just one example.

“This is a fun and exciting event for the entire Pueblo campus, but it’s clear the automotive students are some of the most excited. Those who display their vehicles take great pride in them,” recognizes Scott.

Planning and Preparation Pave the Way for a Successful Auto Show

Jason Ontiveros, Automotive Technician Program Supervisor at Pueblo’s campus, who has helped organize this fundraiser for a number of years, denotes,

IntelliTec College of Pueblo Pin-Up Contest at 2016 Car Expo Fundraiser
IntelliTec College of Pueblo Pin-Up Contest at 2016 Car Expo Fundraiser.

“There were 51 cars with all types of makes and models from a 1931 Ford to a 2014 Dodge. IntelliTec’s Student Ambassadors served refreshments, and Victory Outreach of Pueblo provided games such as a bounce house and a dunk tank.”

Months before the date approaches, staff and students begin the preparations for the auto show. The event entails a tremendous amount of planning and organization, but it is also fun and rewarding. Scott notes volunteers arrive at the break of dawn to set up, and they do not leave until “every last water bottle is picked up.”

Pin-Ups and Classic Cars Create a Timeless Pair at Annual Event

For the second year, the College’s Automotive Technician program introduced additional fun and fashion with a 50’s themed pin-up contest where ten young ladies competed for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.

Winners took home gift baskets filled with a variety of Matrix beauty supply products and gift cards. Contestants were judged based upon their execution of hairstyles, outfits, and overall presentation of the 50’s pin-up style. Students at IntelliTec College of Pueblo’s Cosmetology program were on hand to style with hair and makeup for the models of the contest.

Pin-Up Contest Contestants at IntelliTec College of Pueblo's 2016 Car Expo Fundraiser.
Pin-Up Contest Contestants at IntelliTec College of Pueblo’s 2016 Car Expo Fundraiser.

Contestants posed for a photo shoot with several of the cars on display, and the car owners were thrilled to have their vehicles photographed with the fashionable 50’s pin-up ladies. “The contest is done very tastefully and everyone has a great time with it. Hot cars and pretty girls have always gone together in the automotive world. We take great strides to ensure it is all part of the family-oriented fun of the event,” says Scott.

About IntelliTec College of Pueblo

IntelliTec College of Pueblo, CO offers hands-on career training in the technical trades, cosmetology, allied healthcare, and massage therapy fields. These programs award either associate degrees or certificates and are designed to be completed in as little as 18 months or less. IntelliTec provides a supportive learning environment with small classes sizes and caring instructors. Learn how you can improve your life with a meaningful career by requesting information at or calling 719-542-3181.


Jason Ontiveros
Automotive Program Supervisor
IntelliTec College of Pueblo
(719) 542-3181

Dave Scott
Campus Director
IntelliTec College of Pueblo
(719) 542-3181



Automotive Technician Degree Program Features Light Diesel Training, Snap-on Tools, and ASE Certification Preparation

IntelliTec College opens a campus in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
The new IntelliTec College campus in Albuquerque, NM offers Automotive Technician training at 12,000 sq. ft. facility.

Press Release – For Immediate Release

Albuquerque, New Mexico – IntelliTec College will begin offering Automotive Technician training at its new campus located at 5001 Montgomery Blvd, Suite A24 (behind Burlington Coat Factory) in Albuquerque, NM. Classes began on August 24, 2015, with morning and evening classes available Monday – Thursday. Graduates of the program will earn their Associate of Occupational Studies degree, which is designed to take only 18 months to complete. Call 1-800-724-9636 to enroll or request additional information.

IntelliTec Students Train “Under the Hood” Everyday, Beginning with the First Class

“We offer open lab time (shop time) every day, where students can get additional assistance, practice a new skill, or work on a project. The goal of our program is to produce excellent automotive technicians in a market clamoring for properly trained people,” according to Wayne Zellner, Campus Director.

Jim Gore, who comes to IntelliTec with almost 30 years of experience in the automotive industry (which includes multiple ASE Certifications), is supervising the program. His background as a technician, foreman, plant manager and instructor makes him uniquely qualified to supervise the shop and work with students in the classroom.

The 12,000 sq. ft. automotive training facility hosts six classrooms and four service bays outfitted with brand new Snap-On equipment. The bays are designed to teach students to diagnose and repair a number of automotive issues such as transmissions, electrical, steering and braking systems, suspension, balancing tires, and lube and oil.

Employers Demand Qualified and Skilled Automotive Technicians

Well-qualified automotive technicians use their experience and problem-solving skills to analyze problems, and the demand for advanced technical training is greater than ever. indicates, “New powertrain technologies, hybrids, infotainment systems, electric powered vehicles and advanced engine design are just a few of the issues today’s technicians face everyday.”

Students Benefit from Engine Repair Training, Snap-on Partnership, and ASE Certification Preparation

Students will learn hands-on repair and diagnosis of diesel powered equipment, light-duty consumer trucks and diesel engines, and various manufacturers’ engines. The program emphasizes general automotive repair training such as auto electronics, engine design, steering, suspension, brakes, transmissions, and power accessories.

They will train with Snap-on tools and receive a toolset and tool chest upon graduation. IntelliTec’s Snap-on certified instructors teach students to use Snap-on’s diagnostic platforms, which makes them more marketable to employers who use Snap-on tools.

Zellner stresses, “We put all our efforts into training ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified Automotive Technicians. We are proud to be the only school in New Mexico with this focus.”

 The average ASE certified technician has the equivalent of two years of an advanced engineering education. IntelliTec’s Automotive Technology program offers ASE certification preparation in four test areas:

  1. Brakes
  2. Engine repair
  3. Electrical/electronic systems
  4. 609-Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling

Job Placement Assistance and Accreditation

Career Services advisors help IntelliTec students and alumni prepare for today’s competitive job market with specific job search strategies. They guide students and graduates on a wide range of job placement skills from writing effective cover letters to improving interviewing techniques.

According to Stacey Snyder, Associate Vice President of Admissions & Marketing, “We strongly encourage our students to contact our Career Services Department for job placement assistance. It’s an ongoing service, with students receiving guidance developing professional skills such as resume writing, interviewing, and networking.”

IntelliTec College, Albuquerque, is accredited by the ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges), approved by the New Mexico Department of Higher Education, Private Postsecondary Schools (PPS) Division and has made application for Veteran’s educational benefits certification.

Financial Aid Services

Federal financial aid is available to those who qualify. Contact representatives to create a personalized financial plan and make funding education affordable.

About IntelliTec Colleges

IntelliTec Colleges has been providing hands-on career training in Automotive Technology with Associate of Occupational Studies degrees since 2005 at its three additional campus locations in Colorado: Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Grand Junction. Federal financial aid is available to those who qualify. Request more information about our automotive technician training program in Albuquerque at: or call: 1-800-724-9636.



Wayne Zellner

Campus Director

IntelliTec College in Albuquerque

(505) 818-8570


Jesse Stalker

Admissions Representative

IntelliTec College in Albuquerque

(505) 818-8570