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How to Pick a Trade School

Have you found yourself stuck? If you are having trouble finding a job, getting a job you like, or finding a true career path forward, we understand. Today’s “gig” economy lends itself to short-term jobs with no clear direction forward. While hopping from gig to gig can keep things fresh and interesting while being flexible […]

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Letter to IntelliTec Students About Loan Repayment Scam Alert

Dear IntelliTec Student: We are writing to inform you that our current and former students (and even their families) recently have been targets of online and telephone advertising programs that purport to offer student loan repayment assistance and/or debt forgiveness. You may have seen such advertisements on Facebook or on the Internet. Many of these […]

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Are You Listening? Soft Skills for Successful Interviews Series

IntelliTec College is providing a 12 step series highlighting soft skills for a successful interview. The first in the series focuses on Listening, specifically… Are you doing these things during your interviews? Maintaining eye contact throughout. Acknowledging in a timely and appropriate manner. Avoiding interruptions and “solutions” unless asked. Asking clarifying questions. Recognizing non-verbal cues. Avoiding […]

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3 Secrets to Landing an Entry Level Job in Today’s Competitive Market

Learn the Little-Known Steps to Take Before an Interview that Leave Employers Impressed Most students know about creating professional resumes and a cover letter. However, many students don’t know how to “prepare” for that entry-level position they want. The good news is that there are additional ways to increase your chances of landing that job after graduation. Follow These […]

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9 Benefits of Federal Student Loans for College Students

So, you finally decided to take control of your future by attending college. Now it’s time to investigate how Federal Student Loans can work for you. You’ve determined what career path to follow, researched employment opportunities in your field of interest, and discussed the challenges and rewards of your decision with your family. Here comes […]

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