If you’ve recently graduated from college, you should be very proud of this accomplishment.

That being said, now you have to take the next big step for your career: landing an actual job.

This shouldn’t worry you, though. If you plan ahead, job interviews can actually be enjoyable. Of course, they can also lead to a promising job.

By implementing just a handful of job interview tips, you should feel far more confident about this essential step.

Some Job Interview Tips Every College Graduate Needs to Follow

The prospect of an upcoming job interview can be nerve-racking, but it doesn’t have to be. If you focus on the following job interview tips, you should feel much more confident about it and perform better, as well.

Prepare for the Typical Interview Questions

One of the most important job interview tips we can give you is to prepare for the questions by actually practicing your answers well before the employer actually asks you the questions.

Many of them will have to do with the job itself and your area of expertise, so be sure to brush up on your work-related knowledge.

However, there are also some tried-and-true interview questions you can expect to hear.

These include:

  • Tell me about a time you failed and what you did about it
  • Tell me about yourself
  • What are some of your greatest accomplishments?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Why do you want to work for this company?

The vast majority of interviewers know that these questions are extremely common across almost every industry. They still ask them, because the answers are considered that important.

Given how common they are, they’ll also expect that a well-prepared candidate won’t need a lot of time to respond, which makes it all the more important that you practice your answers before the interview.

Make Sure You Know Where It’s Happening

It probably goes without saying that you do not want to be late for your job interview. That’s why most people double-check to make sure they have the address right and might even look it up on Google Maps the night before.

Unless you’re incredibly familiar with the area, though, consider actually doing a test-run to follow those directions before the day of the interview.

You might find that there’s a tricky turn that’s easy to miss or the building’s addresses become tough to follow. You could also discover that there’s roadwork Google Maps doesn’t know about.

Taking a quick trial run will tell you exactly when you need to leave for your job interview and should also help calm your nerves the day of, as you’ll know where you need to be and what time you have to leave to show up well beforehand.

Need More Job Interview Tips?

At IntelliTec, we pride ourselves on not just training our students in the skills they’ll need to find an enjoyable career but also in helping them plan for these all-important interviews. While we hope the above job interview tips for new college graduates, our career services department is always available to students who are preparing for this next step.

If you’d like to learn more about how IntelliTec can help you train for a promising career in a field you love, please contact us today.

Time management is something almost everyone struggles with.

Far too often, it just doesn’t seem like there’s enough time in the day to get everything done.

While it may be a pervasive problem, it’s one you want to avoid at all costs once you begin college. Time management for college students needs to be treated just as seriously as the classes themselves. Otherwise, you could easily become overwhelmed and quickly put your grades at risk.

Time Management for College Students: 6 Simple Tips

Fortunately, while time management for college students is often a problem, it doesn’t need to be for you.

Follow the 6 tips covered below – and you’ll have a much easier time organizing your days, staying on track, and reaching your full potential.

1. Use a Calendar

This may seem like obvious advice, but if you don’t already have a calendar, you’re setting yourself up for stress.

Everyone has one on their phone these days, but consider purchasing an actual calendar, as well. Put it somewhere you’ll see it on a daily basis and it will be much easier to keep track of what your upcoming obligations are.

These should include:

  • Class
  • Work
  • Homework
  • Studying
  • Social Events
  • Exercise

Again, it’s okay to use the calendar on your phone, too. In fact, there are some really great calendar apps for college students.

Just be sure you also keep a physical one handy. This is especially helpful if you live with someone who will also see your calendar on a regular basis and can keep you accountable.

2. Leave Plenty of Open Hours in Your Day

One mistake a lot of new college students make is filling every waking hour of their day. It’s an ambitious and admirable approach, but it’s ultimately not sustainable.

You can’t possibly know exactly how every hour of your week will play out.

For example, you could get sick. You could also realize that you need to spend a little more time studying a certain subject or speaking with your instructor about it.

This is why your schedule should include plenty of free time.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that this free time shouldn’t be used for school if nothing pops up. A big part of time management for college students is using those open hours to stay ahead of things.

3. Maintain a Regular Routine

Another effective way to defend your precious time is by keeping a regular routine.

For one thing, you’ll have a much easier time organizing your calendar every week. Assuming there haven’t been any major changes to your schedule, just use the same routine from the week before and then add in any new obligations.

It also makes planning much simpler, too. When you know exactly when you’re going to wake up, when your day is going to end, when you’ll spend time studying, etc., you won’t double-book yourself or end up in situations where you haven’t given yourself enough time to complete a certain task.

4. Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Staying up late to study and finish assignments has become a college-student cliché.

That doesn’t make it a good idea, though, so don’t let it become a part of your life.

Sleep is far too important to not earn a prominent role on your calendar. Unfortunately, most college students don’t get enough of it.

As you’re probably well aware, the biggest consequence of this is a lack of focus – something you absolutely need in the classroom.

There are many additional issues lack of sleep can cause. You’ll also be much more likely to get sick, which means you could end up missing classes. Sufficient sleep will also help you manage stress and anxiety, which will go a long way toward helping you perform at your highest potential.

Despite what you may have heard, not everyone needs eight hours of sleep. As much as possible, try going to bed early enough that you can wake up in time without an alarm clock. This will show you how much sleep you really need, which you can then add to your schedule.

5. Wake Up Early

Getting enough sleep and waking up early don’t have to be at odds with one another. This is good news because, as we just covered, getting enough sleep is vital and waking up early is incredible for productivity.

While it may take some practice to successfully leave your comfortable bed an hour or more before you actually “have to”, the benefits will definitely make this practice worth it.

As we touched on at the beginning, time management for college students is usually a challenge because there just doesn’t ever seem to be enough time to get everything done.

By waking up early, you’re basically adding hours to your day. No one is going to be texting you or messaging you through social media. Other distractions will probably be equally rare.

Now, just in case you accidentally sleep in, don’t use this time for doing assignments do that same day.

Instead, use it to do assignments do the next day or at some other point in the future. You can break down larger assignments into smaller, more manageable pieces by working on them one morning at a time. This is also a great strategy for getting more studying done.

6. Turn Time Management for College Students into a Priority

The last tip is to treat time management for college students as a serious priority. This means practicing the above tips as much as possible. Even when you think you have plenty of time to finish an assignment or study – or handle any other vital task in your life – keep your commitment to this priority in mind.

If you do, it won’t be long before you’re on top of your classes and able to enjoy college stress-free.

Seek a Supportive College Environment

Most importantly, choose to attend a school that will also treat time management for college students as a priority – one that appreciates you already lead a busy life.

At IntelliTec College, we appreciate that our students lead busy lives. If you’d like to learn about the programs we offer and how to fit classes into your current schedule, contact us today.

Have you found yourself stuck? If you are having trouble finding a job, getting a job you like, or finding a true career path forward, we understand.

Today’s “gig” economy lends itself to short-term jobs with no clear direction forward. While hopping from gig to gig can keep things fresh and interesting while being flexible with your schedule, it is not an ideal fit for someone seeking a steady career.

As described in a recent article by Newsweek, the gig economy can be better known as the “irregular” economy. While this economy allows businesses to work faster and employ people only when they need them, it has the reverse effect on its workers.

Work can be sporadic, and it can be difficult to know when you will get paid, or how much you will get paid, at the end of a project. Additionally, as Newsweek mentions, many workers face the emotional toll of irregular work, left with stress and uncertainty about the future.

Instead of chasing short-term jobs and piecing together freelance work, choose a path towards stability. More and more studies are showing the value of trade schools to get ahead in today’s economy. Rather than relying on side-hustles or contract positions, you can earn a degree or certificate that qualifies you for a position where you can learn and grow for years to come.

What is a Trade School?

A trade school, also known as a vocational school or career college, prepares you for the real working world. You are equipped with the information and skills you need to become a professional in a great field.

At a trade school, you go beyond learning abstract theories and ideas; you develop hands-on experience that makes you better prepared for the job market. You learn by doing, getting in worthwhile practice that makes you ready to jump into a new career.

Trade schools are made to create long-term career moves for students. With programs that lead to in-demand jobs, students are in good hands knowing that their hard work will pay off in a big way.

What to Look for in a Trade School

Just like all colleges, not all trade schools are the same. There are some important differences that can lead you to greater success in the future.

By selecting a trade school that works with you – offering real experience and insight that you can apply to your resume and job hunt –– you are more prepared to make an exciting career change.

In the following 5 ways, you will learn what some of the most important traits are when selecting a trade school. When you are weighing your options, think about these items; what is most important to you, and what will lead you to the most success?

Is It Personalized, Just for You?

Bigger is not always better. Have you ever struggled in school before? Or do you simply enjoy talking through your assignments with others, including the teacher? If either of these describe you, a large school can make you feel left out and left behind.

Instead, think about how you learn best. Does it help when you get to know other people around you and learn together? Do you like having a certified instructor take time with you to make sure you understand?

Online courses and large schools can leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed. Selecting a school that is large enough to provide a great program for you, but small enough to take time to care about you, can make all the difference in your progress.

Take a look at teacher to student ratios, or class size numbers. Does the number feel too disproportionate or large? Consider how you will feel if you are just a number. You are taking the effort to go to school, learn, and become a professional – shouldn’t your college treat you as one?

Is It Convenient and Quick?

One of the most interesting things about attending a trade school is all of the people you meet. From all walks of life, students are all working towards a common goal: to learn a lot to land a great job.

Since every student is different, it makes sense that each person has a life outside of school. Parents want more stability to support their kids; sons and daughters want to move out of their parents’ homes and start a new life; and unemployed people are eager to get into the working world to make money.

That’s why it is important to find a school that understands you are a person with a life. School is a wonderful way to make your life better; however, you still want to live your life and manage everything you have going on each day.

Finding a school that gets you on the path to a great career quickly and conveniently is key.
First, look at program length times. If you are interested in earning a degree or certificate, how long will this take? How quickly can you learn what you need to know, and then get out into the real world?

Next, consider your life and where you physically are. Is there a school that is close enough to you? Does the school offer multiple campus options so you can choose the one that works for you? Is the school close to public transit, or is it easily accessible for drivers?

Think about your lifestyle and how your school can fit into it, not challenge it.

Is It Respected and Legitimate?

An important factor to consider is whether a school is legitimate. You could go to a trade school, do all the work, and learn that the school is not accredited.

Make sure the school where you want to attend is accredited. This means that it has approval to teach you and give you a degree or certificate.

Along with accreditation, think about how the school is viewed in the community and beyond. Does the school work to help others in the community? Do people in the community, especially the school’s alumni, have good things to say about how the school helped them along the way?

Does the school have a track record of success, sharing great testimonials and success stories from students? It is important to do your homework on this one; reach out to people, find out what the school does for your community, and make sure that the school is able to give you the education you need.

Will It Make You Career-Ready?

When you finish up with your program, will you be ready to apply for jobs? Sometimes, programs simply give you the principles behind a field of study, but not the skills and equipment you need to move forward.

While it is valuable to learn the ideas behind your new job, you need to have actual skills and experience to bring to the table. In today’s world, jobs expect you to have experience under your belt, not just a vague idea of how you can help them out.

That’s why it is important to choose a school and program that has clear deliverables. What will you learn? Do you get any equipment in the program that will help you on the job? Is the program updated with the latest technologies to make you a great candidate?

Speaking with a trade school’s career services department or an admissions representative will give you a clear picture of how their program can prepare you for the working world.

Does It Have a Team to Move You Forward?

Making the effort to go to trade school and learn something new can be challenging. It is important to know, from the beginning, that you have a team cheering you on along the way.

A team can be made up of the following people:

  • Smart instructors, who are skilled in their field and can give you the real details you need to be great at your job.
  • A career services department, willing to help you set up interviews, write a great resume, edit cover letters, and apply for positions that suit your strengths and interests.
  • A financial aid service, where you can feel confident in the financial decisions you make to invest in yourself and your career.
  • A community of alumni who have entered the working world, able to offer advice and insight for your career journey.
  • Wonderful classmates who, like you, are working towards a better life. These classmates can be your support system, help you learn, and give you advice as you move forward in the program together.

Choose a Trade School That Does More

While there are plenty of options for nearby trade schools, not all of them can give you a personalized, convenient, and hands-on education you deserve.

With multiple locations, program offerings, and opportunities to learn in and out of the classroom, IntelliTec College is built for your success. We have chosen our campus locations strategically, making it convenient for you to live your life while earning your degree or certificate.

Along with convenient and quick programs, we also focus on caring for you. We take time to get to know you, your career goals, and show you around the campus to learn where you fit in here. Once you are settled into a program, we check in with you along the way. Instructors make sure you are learning well, and your classmates help you stay accountable for showing up and participating.

Unlike other larger trade schools in the area, we are focused. We bring only the best programs to ensure you find a job upon program completion. Our career services department helps to guide you into the working world, and we make sure you are excited to take on your next phase in life.

If you are curious about how the IntelliTec approach is different than the other schools, talk to us today. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and create a life and career you’ve always wanted.

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Have you ever opened a cookbook to make a recipe, yet found that you had none of the ingredients? Perhaps the recipe calls for a difficult technique, with a piece of equipment you don’t keep in your kitchen. What once started out as a great idea to make a fun meal now seems confusing and like more work than you expected.

Similarly, when you want to begin a job in an interesting field, you need to be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to get started. If you walked in on the first day and had no idea what to expect or to do, you are behind.

While there is always room to grow and improve in your career, it definitely helps to have the basic requirements and expectations to succeed. That’s why learning a job first-hand, in real-life settings makes all the difference.

How IntelliTec Students Learn: Our Real World Approach

At IntelliTec College, we understand that the trades our students receive training in require a certain set of skills, certifications, and proof that you can excel in the field. To help students hit the ground running towards a new career, the curricula we offer include real job training.

Along with the important information you learn in the classroom, you gain practical skills that prepare you to start your career right away. How do we do it? See just a few of the ways we accomplish this below!


One of the most common ways that our students gain real career experience is through our externship program. Because IntelliTec is invested in the communities where we are located, we have great connections with businesses, clinics, and more around town.

Thanks to our instructors who know their industries well, and thanks to our helpful career services department, students are able to connect with externship hosts. These externships, offered in a variety of settings for different programs, allow students to work alongside industry professionals, gaining experience and seeing how the day-to-day business is handled.

During your externship, you will shadow, learn from, and begin working alongside a worker in your industry. Students are able to see what their future career looks like and how coursework affects the ability to perform in the workplace.

Our Salons

For students in our cosmetology and massage therapy programs, we offer a truly hands-on approach to honing their skills.

In Grand Junction and Pueblo, we have two cosmetology salons, which are open for customers to come in and let students try out their craft. The salons offer hair, nail, waxing, and skin services to the public.

As an affordable option for our communities, these salons also give great real-life training to students. We ensure that students have had enough experience before working on a customer, but also let them do services to learn tricks and techniques that they cannot learn in the classroom.

Click here to access our cosmetology salon’s page and to learn more about the services offered to customers and the experience students gain!

Similarly, our massage therapy students have their own massage clinics in Grand Junction and Pueblo, too! While some massage services at upscale spas can cost quite a bit of money, our services in the massage clinic provide the same relaxing experience for a fraction of the cost.

Students practice their therapeutic skills with an array of massages – from 30 to 90 minute offerings in various massage options, such as popular Swedish and Deep Tissue massage therapies.

The public is invited to come in, get pampered, and leave feeling renewed, while helping out a massage therapist in training! Click here to visit the massage clinic’s page.


For science-based programs, such as medical, dental, pharmacy, and nursing assistants, laboratories offer real experience for the workplace. Getting into the true science of your new career allows you to find out how medicines work and how to make solutions while on the job.

Additionally, our medically-based programs are able to work within our simulated clinic settings, which are offered on all of our campuses. Inside the clinics, you get a true feel for what it is like to work alongside fellow professionals, how the day flows, and how to handle emergencies.

With these experiences, students in the medical field can not only learn faster, but they also can get a better sense of what type of work they would like to pursue. By giving laboratory and clinic settings at the college, along with externship opportunities in hospitals and other medical settings, IntelliTec allows students to find their true passion and decide on a career that fits their personality.

Equipment and Technology

For some of our programs, the right technology and tools provides enormous value to students. When you are familiar with all of the latest updates in your industry, you can find a job that is innovative and able to adapt, giving you a long-term career where you can always grow as technologies change.

As an example, our new Computer Systems Technician program was recently started to keep up with the booming tech field. Our students are able to complete their own labs, working on actual computer systems and finding solutions to some of the most common industry problems.

For students in programs like our HVAC & Refrigeration or Automotive Technician, having simulated equipment and the right tools makes all the difference in how students learn. HVAC students even receive their own toolkit through the program, which allows them to work with the real-world tools, become familiar with them, and fix issues that arise.

For Automotive Technician students, IntelliTec has an array of Snap-On tools, allowing students to run diagnostics and become familiar with one of the leading brands used in the industry today. In addition, automotive technician students receive their own set of tools upon graduation to ensure they are equipped for their new career!

Additionally, for programs like Personal Training, understanding the equipment and how it affects the body and a client’s results is crucial. In addition to understanding the theory behind their work, personal trainers get hands-on learning in our spacious fitness facility, which is equipped with state-of-the-art practice training equipment. Having the right equipment allows trainers to see it in action, understand its impact, and make recommendations to clients based on their experience.

Think Outside the Classroom with IntelliTec

There’s a reason why IntelliTec College provides more than just a classroom setting. We all learn in different ways, but one of the most effective ways to learn is by doing!

Trying something out for yourself, especially for a new career path, means having consistent practice, becoming familiar, and feeling confident. If we taught just a classroom alone, our students would not have the practical experience and exposure that a potential employer wants.

Through IntelliTec’s programs, students get a distinct advantage above other job seekers. Instead of coming into a job as an entry-level candidate, you have the skills and real-life experience. This allows you to tell an employer directly what you are good at, what you love, and where you see your career headed with them.

Curious about a certain program and how hands-on learning can help you? Browse our programs here, and contact our Career Services department to learn more!

While money is not everything when it comes to finding the right job, it can certainly help support your family and help you feel more satisfied with your career.

Not surprisingly, many careers that require a specific skillset are not only in high demand, but they also pay well, based on experience and talent. When you begin a career program at IntelliTec College, you are able to learn in a hands-on environment. This means that you are learning the necessary skills to enter the workforce, while also practicing these skills in real workplace settings.

If you are trying to decide on a program, the pay can sometimes be a deciding factor; however, it is important to remember that many fields offer room for growth, certification, and further education to increase your expertise and your income level. At IntelliTec, we provide programs that will potentially continue to do well in the economy and can secure long-term employment for our graduates!

The Top 4 Highest Paid Industries

According to a recent article by Forbes magazine, the highest paying jobs often “require many different skill sets, they all tend to demand high levels of study, experience, and inflexible qualifications.” It makes sense that those who earn the most have the skills and experience to do well in the industry.

Starting with an associate degree or certificate from IntelliTec, our graduates are able to move into a successful industry with the right knowledge and many times with more experience than other entry-level job applicants. Get a leg up with us, and you’ll be in a dream job faster than you could have imagined.

In the Forbes article, the following four industries are listed as among the most lucrative. Of course, these statistics can vary based upon location and position held; however, for the most part, we have seen that these industries are continuing to excel across the board.

Software and IT Services

Ranked as the highest-paid industry on the list, software and IT services are continuing to grow. As we have all come to rely on technology and software more and more, the need for technology experts to stay updated, educated, and versed in the latest software is in high demand.

One of our newest programs, Computer Systems Technician, lays the groundwork for a lasting career in software and IT services. With room for growth through additional certifications, plus hands-on training, our graduates have opportunities to go on to fulfilling tech careers.

Our Computer Systems Technician graduates go on to pursue jobs as Information Technology Associates, Computer Systems Administrators, Mobile Device Specialists, and Information Security / Assurance Analysts. From these positions, there is plenty of room for growth in this constantly evolving industry.

Hardware & Networking

Number two on the list is hardware and networking. Similar to software and IT services, these positions also follow the trend of growing technologies and keeping people connected.

By developing specific skill sets, hardware and networking professionals are able to keep businesses running and customers happy through quick, helpful solutions. Having an understanding of the complex networking systems and the hardware that supports these systems gives our graduates a competitive edge when beginning the job hunt.

With the Computer Systems Technician program, hardware and networking careers are just months away. With the associate’s degree, you can find positions like Help Desk Support Specialist, PC Support Technician, Technical Field Support Specialist, Network Systems Administrator, Network Technician, Network Administrator, and more.


Manufacturing, along with consumer goods and construction (two other industries within the top 10 highest-paid jobs), all signify a stark contrast in the demand for technology jobs: there are still a lot of jobs that require manual work, done by skilled humans!

Specifically, manufacturing is an industry that shows an important trend: knowing how to make things, follow intricate instructions, and create a final product are all skills that are highly valued in the workplace.

That’s why we offer career programs that focus on developing skills and thinking through complicated projects. While they are not directly connected to the manufacturing industry, they still are careers that require skillsets that few people have mastered.

Gaining technical skills in programs like Refrigeration & HVAC Technician, Automotive Technician, and Cosmetology are all great ways to develop your skills, provide in-demand consumer goods, and create a final product that customers will love.


Healthcare is a career choice that is not going away anytime soon; in fact, because of the growing aging population and the continuous battles with complicated diseases, healthcare is more important than ever.

While many people simply think of doctors when they think of healthcare, there are so many more positions that are integral to the patient’s experience. Lending a helping hand or simply being there to listen are important roles that are filled by many people in the medical field.

At IntelliTec, we give our graduates an array of options for entering healthcare. For instance, our Medical Assistant program can translate to positions in many medical settings, like physician offices, hospitals, nursing homes, community health centers, laboratories, veterinarian offices, sports medicine, and other medical specialities.

Along with our Medical Assistant Certificate, you can also become specialized as a Dental Assistant, Nursing Assistant, and Pharmacy Technician. You can also contribute to a patient’s overall health and well-being by training in Massage Therapy or as a Personal Trainer. Focusing on health from every level opens up a variety of career paths for our students.

What Careers Will Be Needed in the Future?

For our students, we want to invest in programs that will put them on the path to a long, fruitful career. While the industries listed above are the highest paying positions in 2017, what about the future?

In a report from CNBC, the news outlet shared findings from Kiplinger and economic forecast group EMSI. In their study, they compiled data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tracking jobs that have the strongest job growth over the next decade.

From this data, they found that all jobs that will be successful in the future have two common properties: a good salary, and a manageable barrier to entry. That means jobs that are easy to start, require low (if any) debt for students, and will have a good return on investment over time.

From this list, the same trends are there: positions that require specialized training in technology and healthcare rise to the top. You can see the full list of positions in the article, found here.

Get a High Paying Job You Will Love – Apply Today

Have you felt stuck in a job and frustrated with no path forward? At IntelliTec, we get it. Jobs can be difficult to come by without the right training, and there is no better way to prepare for a job than through one of our programs.

By starting in a program today, you establish the skills needed to start a new job, grow, and become successful. Making the investment in your education today will pay off in the long run.

Interested in how our programs could benefit you? Click here to learn more about the programs we offer. Schedule a talk with our financial aid and career services departments, too. We are here to give you a full picture of your future. We are here for you every step of the way!

I’m Ready for a High Paying Career Now

Dear IntelliTec Student:

We are writing to inform you that our current and former students (and even their families) recently have been targets of online and telephone advertising programs that purport to offer student loan repayment assistance and/or debt forgiveness. You may have seen such advertisements on Facebook or on the Internet. Many of these advertisements prominently use IntelliTec’s name and photographs of IntelliTec’s campuses in their ads.

Please be aware that IntelliTec College is not affiliated or involved in any way with any such loan repayment or debt forgiveness offers, nor does IntelliTec College endorse or approve any of these entities.

None of the companies and offers are legitimate. There have been many reports in the last few years of scams in the student loan industry whereby companies charge significant fees (often hidden or undisclosed) for performing tasks that can be done easily or for free without the need for assistance. In worse cases, the people behind the scams are actually just out to obtain social security number and other private personal and financial information.

These “offers” are not just targeting IntelliTec students, but are targeting students from colleges and universities around the country. We are actively taking steps to stop these companies from targeting our students and alumni, including reporting these scams to the appropriate federal and state agencies.

Please always exercise care and caution when receiving or responding to any inquiries or offers concerning student loans or debt consolidation or forgiveness.


  • All currently enrolled students should contact one of our Financial Services Representatives at their campus with any questions regarding their student loans
  • Former IntelliTec students should contact IntelliTec Colleges loan repayment advisor, Evelyn Mestas at or 719-632-7626.

Evelyn can quickly identify a student’s current loan circumstances and steer you

towards the appropriate official entity for further assistance.

  • Intellitec Colleges has also partnered with USA Funds to provide free loan counseling assistance and budget planning information.

Students can contact USA Funds at 1-866-497-8723, or at

  • All students can find information about their existing loans, by contacting their loan servicer (official entity hired by the Department of Education to service federal loans). The Department has currently 11 loan servicers. If a student is not sure who their loan servicer is, they can find that information
  • For additional federal student-loan repayment resources, visit


Scammers are constantly changing their scams, and sometimes it can be very hard to tell a scam from a legitimate offer. These guidelines may be helpful you. Before giving out your personal or financial information:

  • Treat all solicitations for debt relief or loan consolidation services as suspect until you can be sure they are legitimate.
  • Ask for the company’s physical address, direct phone number, and website. Check to make sure they exist and appear legitimate.
  • Check out the company’s listing with the Better Business Bureau to see if they have a record of complaints or if they are registered at all.
  • For debt management providers, see if they are registered with Colorado Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section, and consider any disciplinary history in the list posted at
  • NEVER give out usernames or passwords.


If you already have been the target of a scam, in addition to any money you may have lost, you might be at risk for identity theft. You may want to consider doing the following:

  • Review your credit reports from all three credit reporting bureaus for fraudulent activity. You may obtain a free copy of your credit report each year from
  • Place a fraud alert with each of the major credit reporting bureaus, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Get more information at
  • Report the scam to the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at
  • Report the scam to your attorney general’s office. Colorado residents may do so at

IntelliTec College is providing a 12 step series highlighting soft skills for a successful interview. The first in the series focuses on Listening, specifically…

Soft Skills fo Interview PDF

Are you doing these things during your interviews?

  • Maintaining eye contact throughout.
  • Acknowledging in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Avoiding interruptions and “solutions” unless asked.
  • Asking clarifying questions.
  • Recognizing non-verbal cues.
  • Avoiding multitasking.
  • Summarizing the key points back to the speaker.

We put the challenge to you. For one week, attempt to conclude the end of every conversation with a summary back to the speaker.

For more information, contact Career Services at IntelliTec College.

Knowing a company’s culture helps you understand what they are looking for in an employee. 
Knowing a company’s culture helps you understand what they are looking for in an employee.

Learn the Little-Known Steps to Take Before an Interview that Leave Employers Impressed

Most students know about creating professional resumes and a cover letter. However, many students don’t know how to “prepare” for that entry-level position they want.

The good news is that there are additional ways to increase your chances of landing that job after graduation.

Follow These 3 Easy – but Highly Effective – Steps to Stand Out From Others When Competing for that Entry-Level Position

Step #1 – Research the Company

Research a company’s website and their social media (Twitter, Facebook and Linked In pages) offers a wealth of information about the company’s history, mission, and so much more.

Step #2 – Do a Trial Run and Rehearse Talking Points 

Complete a full dress rehearsal with your interview outfit. Then stand before a mirror to watch how you look when both answering and asking potential interview questions.

Step #3 – Map it Out

Don’t take any chances of arriving late. Double check the address and use Google maps or MapQuest to ensure you know how to get there and how much time it will take. Then build in an extra 15 minutes just to be safe.

Today’s Take-Away

  • Before the interview, gather as much information about the employer and the company from the company’s website.
  • Follow the company’s Twitter account and check out their Facebook page to get an idea of their company culture.
  • Double-check the address for the interview, and Google map how to get there – whatever you do, don’t be late!
  • Practice your answers before you go.


Paying for college doesn’t have to be stressful with Federal Student Loans.
Paying for college doesn’t have to be stressful with Federal Student Loans.

So, you finally decided to take control of your future by attending college. Now it’s time to investigate how Federal Student Loans can work for you.

You’ve determined what career path to follow, researched employment opportunities in your field of interest, and discussed the challenges and rewards of your decision with your family. Here comes the big question…how will you pay for college?

Kevin Walker, CEO of Simple recommends students with financial need exhaust their federal options before looking to private loans. They’re not as complicated as people assume and all types of incomes qualify for the loans. Once you fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) at IntelliTec’s financial aid office, a representative can help take you step-by-step through an evaluation of your payment options.

9 Benefits of Federal Student Loans

1. Flexible Repayment Plans – your payments will adjust to your income. When you first start working to build your career, your payments will reflect your “newness.” As you increase your income, payments will increase. This allows for manageable monthly payments.

2. Fixed Interest Rates – federal loans generally have lower interest rates than private loans. Additionally, regardless of changing interest rates, yours will remain fixed throughout your repayment period.

3. Free Insurance – hopefully you never need to utilize this, but it’s nice to know if something happens to you (disability or worse, death), your loan is canceled.

4. No Prepayment Penalty Fee – Sometimes, private lenders will charge a fee for paying off loans early. Why? They lose out on interest. With federal loans, you don’t have to worry about it. If you can pay off your loans quickly and avoid paying thousands extra in interest, good for you! Continue reading “9 Benefits of Federal Student Loans for College Students”

Would you like to see if your eligible for more gift aid?

Then please, come to the Financial Services office to make your appointment to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to see if you qualify.