how to become an automotive technicianWould you love to spend your days working on cars and helping people get more from their vehicles?

If so, take a moment to learn what you need to do to become an automotive technician. You may discover that this job would provide you with the perfect career.

Automotive Technician Job Description

Before we talk about the path required to enter this field, let’s quickly cover the typical automotive technician job description to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Working as an automotive technician will usually involve diagnosing what’s wrong with a customer’s vehicle and then carrying out the necessary work to repair it. You’ll also spend a lot of time doing preventative maintenance (e.g. changing oil, rotating tires, replacing brake pads, etc.).

Today’s Automotive Technicians: More Than Mechanics

In the past, most people referred to automotive technicians as “mechanics.” After all, the work they did was solely focused on the mechanical components of the vehicle.

That’s no longer the case, though.

To become an automotive technician these days, you also need to learn about computers. For one thing, modern vehicles are full of technology, which means working on them requires understanding how to work on their computers, too.

At the same time, computers are regularly used to run diagnostics on vehicles, as well. You can simply hook up one of these devices to most vehicles and immediately receive information about what may be hindering its normal performance.

Learning from Experienced Technicians

Nonetheless, despite how helpful computers have become, today’s automotive technicians still require an in-depth understanding of how vehicles work in order to repair and maintain them.

This is why it’s so important to learn about this from experienced automotive technicians. Textbooks and video tutorials can only tell you so much. You want to hear firsthand from people who have worked in this field for years. They will help you better understand the inner-workings of automobiles – and the tools required to work on them – and give you all kinds of advice that can only come from a veteran.

How Long Does It Take to Become an Automotive Technician?

You have two options for becoming an automotive technician.

First, you can earn your Associate of Occupational Studies degree, which will take 18 months to complete at either our Albuquerque or Colorado Springs campuses.

Second, you can earn your Automotive Technician Certificate. This requires just 10.5 months and can be done at our Grand Junction or Pueblo campuses.

What Your Training Will Involve

Obviously, you’ll cover a lot of information during either of the two courses we just mentioned.

Still, here is a good summary of what you’ll be doing in those classes in order to acquire the skills you need to secure work and serve your customers:

  • Hands-on training with Snap-on tools and diagnostics
  • Going through the process of designing and assembling a high-performance engine (only offered at our Colorado Springs campus)
  • Learning to repair light-diesel engines (only offered at our Albuquerque campus)
  • Receiving personalized training from ASE and Snap-on certified technicians
  • Preparing to sit for your certification exams, including those focused on ASE and Snap-on

Potential Careers for Automotive Technicians

Once you become an automotive technician, you’ll find a massive, diverse field awaiting you. There is no lack of options for people who have earned your credentials.

Here are just some of the many roles you’ll be able to consider in the automotive industry.

  • Battery Mechanic
  • Collision Repair Assistant
  • Lube Technician
  • Parts Specialist
  • Tire Repair Technician

5 Steps to Become a Master Technician

No matter what specific field you decide to enter, if you’re like many, your goal may be to eventually become a Master Technician.

This would require at least two years of documented experience working hands-on as a technician and passing a series of tests.

Here is a brief outline of the five steps involved.

1. Graduate from High School or Achieve Your GED.

Step one is pretty straightforward. Before you can sign up for a certificate or degree program, you need your high school diploma or a GED.

2. Enroll in a Program.

Next, you need to enroll in one of the aforementioned programs. These will teach you about repairs, electronics, computers, and everything else required to work on modern vehicles.

3. Complete Your Academic Program.

Once you have successfully completed your programs, you’ll be ready to sit for your exams and earn the certificate you need to actually become an automotive technician.

4. Receive Further Training with Your First Employer.

That doesn’t mean your training is completely over, though. Your first job will most likely begin with further training. Experienced technicians will help you apply everything you’ve learned in a real-world environment (this is much easier when you’ve already received hands-on training from experienced instructors). They’ll also help you understand how their specific team works as a unit.

This kind of mentorship will most likely continue throughout your first year, which means you’ll continue learning while you’re making money.

5. Work Toward Becoming a Master Technician.

As we mentioned above, once you’ve spent two years in the field working on vehicles, you can become a master technician. You must also become certified in all specialty areas covered by Automotive Excellence. These are:

  • Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
  • Suspension and Steering
  • Light Vehicle Diesel Engines
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Brakes
  • Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • Engine Repair
  • Manual Drive Train and Axles
  • Engine Performance

These are the tests you’ll need to pass to become a certified Master Technician in automobiles, but there are also tests for the same certification in medium/heavy trucks, transit buses, school buses, and others. So you can focus on the type of vehicle you prefer most.

Start Your Journey to Become an Automotive Technician

As you can see, it will take time and hard work to become an automotive technician, but if you like working with vehicles, it’s hard to think of a better job. So long as people need vehicles to get around, your skills will always be in demand, too.

At IntelliTec, we’d love to guide you on your path. To learn more about how to become an automotive technician, contact us today and we’ll send you all the information you need.

automotive technicianDo you like working with your hands? Do you enjoy solving problems for other people?

Are you the type of person who couldn’t stand to be pent up in an office all day?

Would you love to come to work every day with a completely different set of tasks awaiting you?

Then, you may want to consider becoming an automotive technician. This job will offer you a number of different opportunities, all of which will involve using your problem-solving skills to help others on a daily basis.

Your Duties as an Automotive Technician

It may seem as though working as an automotive technician would be a fairly straightforward position.

Yet, one of the best parts of working as an automotive technician is all the kinds of different work you’ll get to do. So if you bore easily, this is definitely a field worth considering.

In simplest terms, your job as an automotive technician is to diagnose problems with your customers’ cars and then fix them.

While this usually involves mechanical components, these days, the problems often have to do with electrical elements, as well.

Common Responsibilities as an Automotive Technician

It would be impossible to provide a comprehensive list of everything you’ll do as an automotive technician. As we’ll touch on in the next section, where you work will have a big effect on how you spend your days.

Still, here are some of the most common responsibilities automotive  technicians have:

  • Running diagnostics to test automobile parts and identify the source of mechanical problems
  • Carrying out preventative maintenance (e.g. oil changes, tire rotations, filter replacements, etc.)
  • Advising customers on how they can better care for their vehicles
  • Picking the best possible parts and using warranties to keep customers’ costs as low as possible
  • Maintaining inventory and ordering more parts as necessary
  • Answering phones, setting up appointments, and updating customers about their vehicles

In states that have laws regarding emissions, automotive technicians carry out tests to ensure their customers are meeting these legal standards.

Over time, you may also take part in continuing education courses to ensure you understand how to repair and maintain vehicles with newer forms of technology.

Contact us today and we’ll send you more information about how we can put you on the path to success in this fun, dynamic field.

3 Places You May Work as an Automotive Technician

Again, when most people think of automotive technicians, they immediately think of the typical garage that works on vehicles, but your career could take you to other settings, too.

1. Auto Garage

Most automotive technicians work in garages, but that’s a pretty diverse umbrella term. It could mean working for a national chain or it could mean being the employee of a small business. Both offer their own advantages.

You could also start your own garage at some point, as well, though this is best done after you’ve acquired some experience.

2. Dealership

Most dealerships need automotive technicians on hand to work on their customers’ cars as necessary. Many dealerships also depend on the s they provide as an added incentive for new customers to purchase from them.

3. Offices

Some amount of your work as an automotive technician may involve being in an office. Many garages have a designated room where you can answer the phone and talk to customers.

If you work at a dealership, you may be brought into the office from time-to-time to answer customer questions and better help them understand technical aspects of a vehicle before purchasing.

With that said, you don’t need to worry about wearing business professional clothing to work every day, even if some office work is required. The vast majority of your time will be spent working on vehicles in a garage environment.

Would You Make a Good Automotive Technician?

Obviously, if you like working with cars, you’ll probably enjoy working as an automotive technician.

It’s also a great role for anyone who loves working with their hands and seeing the results of their efforts in real-time.

Most technicians enjoy seeing the regular progress they make on a vehicle, as opposed to waiting weeks, months, or even years before all their hard work finally pays off. Every single day, you’ll know your work is making a difference.

While you won’t be in front of your customers for much of the work you do, technicians do spend a lot of time around each other. So if you would prefer to work in a social atmosphere and are a good team player, working as an automotive technician may be a good fit.

As we mentioned earlier, being a technician involves a variety of work, so while there may be some days that are slower than others (you may do nothing but change oil), you can expect that, as a whole, your week won’t involve a lot of boring downtimes.

Of course, keep in mind that working on vehicles involves a lot of physical labor. Even with all the technology that exists today to help you do your job, you’ll be lifting heavy objects, moving them into place, and controlling hydraulic machines. It’s nothing the average person couldn’t handle, but it’s something you’ll need to handle on a regular basis in this role.

Finally, this is a fantastic job for people who love to solve problems.

Again, often times, you’ll need to change someone’s oil or rotate their tires – pretty straightforward work. Other times, there won’t be a simple solution. You’ll need to use your education, experience, and even that of your coworkers to figure out what needs to be done to resolve your customers’ problems.

Ready to Begin a New Career as an Automotive Technician?

If the description above sounds interesting, we would love to tell you more about this career path and how we can help. At IntelliTec, we provide hands-on, cutting-edge training from certified, experienced instructors.

Contact us today and we’ll send you more information about how we can put you on the path to success in this fun, dynamic field.

Have you ever opened a cookbook to make a recipe, yet found that you had none of the ingredients? Perhaps the recipe calls for a difficult technique, with a piece of equipment you don’t keep in your kitchen. What once started out as a great idea to make a fun meal now seems confusing and like more work than you expected.

Similarly, when you want to begin a job in an interesting field, you need to be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to get started. If you walked in on the first day and had no idea what to expect or to do, you are behind.

While there is always room to grow and improve in your career, it definitely helps to have the basic requirements and expectations to succeed. That’s why learning a job first-hand, in real-life settings makes all the difference.

How IntelliTec Students Learn: Our Real World Approach

At IntelliTec College, we understand that the trades our students receive training in require a certain set of skills, certifications, and proof that you can excel in the field. To help students hit the ground running towards a new career, the curricula we offer include real job training.

Along with the important information you learn in the classroom, you gain practical skills that prepare you to start your career right away. How do we do it? See just a few of the ways we accomplish this below!


One of the most common ways that our students gain real career experience is through our externship program. Because IntelliTec is invested in the communities where we are located, we have great connections with businesses, clinics, and more around town.

Thanks to our instructors who know their industries well, and thanks to our helpful career services department, students are able to connect with externship hosts. These externships, offered in a variety of settings for different programs, allow students to work alongside industry professionals, gaining experience and seeing how the day-to-day business is handled.

During your externship, you will shadow, learn from, and begin working alongside a worker in your industry. Students are able to see what their future career looks like and how coursework affects the ability to perform in the workplace.

Our Salons

For students in our cosmetology and massage therapy programs, we offer a truly hands-on approach to honing their skills.

In Grand Junction and Pueblo, we have two cosmetology salons, which are open for customers to come in and let students try out their craft. The salons offer hair, nail, waxing, and skin services to the public.

As an affordable option for our communities, these salons also give great real-life training to students. We ensure that students have had enough experience before working on a customer, but also let them do services to learn tricks and techniques that they cannot learn in the classroom.

Click here to access our cosmetology salon’s page and to learn more about the services offered to customers and the experience students gain!

Similarly, our massage therapy students have their own massage clinics in Grand Junction and Pueblo, too! While some massage services at upscale spas can cost quite a bit of money, our services in the massage clinic provide the same relaxing experience for a fraction of the cost.

Students practice their therapeutic skills with an array of massages – from 30 to 90 minute offerings in various massage options, such as popular Swedish and Deep Tissue massage therapies.

The public is invited to come in, get pampered, and leave feeling renewed, while helping out a massage therapist in training! Click here to visit the massage clinic’s page.


For science-based programs, such as medical, dental, pharmacy, and nursing assistants, laboratories offer real experience for the workplace. Getting into the true science of your new career allows you to find out how medicines work and how to make solutions while on the job.

Additionally, our medically-based programs are able to work within our simulated clinic settings, which are offered on all of our campuses. Inside the clinics, you get a true feel for what it is like to work alongside fellow professionals, how the day flows, and how to handle emergencies.

With these experiences, students in the medical field can not only learn faster, but they also can get a better sense of what type of work they would like to pursue. By giving laboratory and clinic settings at the college, along with externship opportunities in hospitals and other medical settings, IntelliTec allows students to find their true passion and decide on a career that fits their personality.

Equipment and Technology

For some of our programs, the right technology and tools provides enormous value to students. When you are familiar with all of the latest updates in your industry, you can find a job that is innovative and able to adapt, giving you a long-term career where you can always grow as technologies change.

As an example, our new Computer Systems Technician program was recently started to keep up with the booming tech field. Our students are able to complete their own labs, working on actual computer systems and finding solutions to some of the most common industry problems.

For students in programs like our HVAC & Refrigeration or Automotive Technician, having simulated equipment and the right tools makes all the difference in how students learn. HVAC students even receive their own toolkit through the program, which allows them to work with the real-world tools, become familiar with them, and fix issues that arise.

For Automotive Technician students, IntelliTec has an array of Snap-On tools, allowing students to run diagnostics and become familiar with one of the leading brands used in the industry today. In addition, automotive technician students receive their own set of tools upon graduation to ensure they are equipped for their new career!

Additionally, for programs like Personal Training, understanding the equipment and how it affects the body and a client’s results is crucial. In addition to understanding the theory behind their work, personal trainers get hands-on learning in our spacious fitness facility, which is equipped with state-of-the-art practice training equipment. Having the right equipment allows trainers to see it in action, understand its impact, and make recommendations to clients based on their experience.

Think Outside the Classroom with IntelliTec

There’s a reason why IntelliTec College provides more than just a classroom setting. We all learn in different ways, but one of the most effective ways to learn is by doing!

Trying something out for yourself, especially for a new career path, means having consistent practice, becoming familiar, and feeling confident. If we taught just a classroom alone, our students would not have the practical experience and exposure that a potential employer wants.

Through IntelliTec’s programs, students get a distinct advantage above other job seekers. Instead of coming into a job as an entry-level candidate, you have the skills and real-life experience. This allows you to tell an employer directly what you are good at, what you love, and where you see your career headed with them.

Curious about a certain program and how hands-on learning can help you? Browse our programs here, and contact our Career Services department to learn more!

One of our country’s greatest achievements, exports, and longstanding businesses is the automotive industry. A symbol of innovation and technology for over a century, automobiles are important to our society.

Cars can be many things: a sign of a child growing older, earning a license and beginning to drive; a part of everyday life, getting from work to errands to home; or as a sign of status or a hobby, for those who have a great interest in cars.

No matter who has a car and for whatever reason, one thing remains true: we all want our cars to be safe and reliable. There is no worse feeling than knowing something is wrong with your car, whether you have been in an accident, your car won’t start, or it is making a funny noise. Car trouble always gives us worry, and we need experts to find fast, affordable solutions.

That’s where automotive technicians come in! As an automotive technician, you will know the ins and outs of car functioning and maintenance, providing the car care customers need to get back to their routine with their car. The more you learn in your career, with additional certifications and growth, the more secure you will be in an incredible career.

Top 5 Reasons to Become an Automotive Technician

If you are someone who has a passion for helping others and fixing things, while getting your hands dirty with a little tinkering, becoming an Automotive Technician may be the right choice for you.

Let’s review some of the top reasons to take this career path, which you can begin in as little as 10.5 months with a certificate or in 18 months with an associate degree.

Technical Jobs are In-Demand

There has been a trend over the last few years that shows how skilled workers are needed more than ever. Often, many students leave high school or college with a diploma but no real-world skills.

Because of this, the workforce is seeking people who know a trade, can work efficiently, and have hands-on experience for a job. Learning about cars and how they work can only be done by getting into the car and making the right changes yourself. That’s why our program gives Automotive Technicians the training and competitive edge they need to succeed.

Plus, the automotive industry always allows for learning and continued growth. Getting new certifications lets workers become specialized and find new opportunities. While you continue to learn, your options for career advancement expand. Certifications like ASE and Snap On are available once you have completed your initial work with IntelliTec.

Combining technical skills with great customer service, automotive technician graduates are able to start careers that are fulfilling and meaningful.

The Car Industry is Back

For awhile, there was some concern about the future of cars. With concerns from an environmental perspective, along with increased use of public transit and ride sharing, many wondered if car sales would continue to dip.

However, according to the Los Angeles Times, 2016 set the highest record for auto sales ever. More people are seeking car ownership than ever before. Low gas prices combined with a focus on improving infrastructure and roads makes traveling with a car easier than ever before.

As one of the industries where jobs have never been outsourced to other countries, the automotive field hires and retains its talent within the US. Since American cars are made in our cities, we need workers who understand how cars work and operate. By having skilled automotive technicians within our communities, we can keep cars running and customers happy.

Additionally, many businesses are depending on cars and trucks to continue growing. For instance, car-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft are continuing to hire those with their own cars who are looking for steady income. Other businesses such as Amazon rely on shipping industries and trucks to deliver packages quickly and on-time.

For these people who rely on their cars and trucks to do their jobs, car maintenance is crucial. Even for those who have cars simply for driving to work and transporting family members, it is necessary to have a working car to keep life running smoothly.

You Can Work for a Variety of Customers

As mentioned above, the number of cars that have been purchased in recent years is just as high as the variety of people who purchase cars. By fixing cars for customers each day, you are able to interact with people from all walks of life.

Whether your customer needs something as basic as an oil change or needs intensive engine repair, you are well trained to step in, find the solution, and get their life back on track. By talking through problems with customers, you can find out what is wrong, while providing an effective and affordable path forward.

New Innovations in Cars are Here

Cars are continuing to innovate in important ways. With an increased number of hybrid and electric powered cars, the way cars are built and how they run are beginning to change. Because of these innovations, it is more important than ever for trained workers who have the skills to treat the latest developments in car technology.

Other innovations that cars have, such as detecting possible accidents, navigation screens, and bluetooth technology make automotive technicians continue to learn and find out how to fix problems that cars are experiencing.

Our certificate and associate degree programs for automotive technicians don’t just show you how to handle car problems; these programs also show you how to think like an automotive technician. Even if you have never seen a certain issue in a car before, you know how to think through a problem, see how it works, and identify a real solution for customers.

There’s Something New Each Day

Because of the different types of customers and the new technologies in the car industry, that means you are doing something new each day! The variety of people you meet and challenges you encounter means you will never be bored.

When your hands are always busy, your days fly by. Your sense of fulfillment and productivity soars when you can help someone with car trouble. When you do good work, your customers trust you, and you continue to have people come back to you for all their car needs, you have found a career path that can make you happy and can keep you busy for years to come.

In many jobs, the mundane daily tasks can make people burn out. As an automotive technician, your work keeps you stimulated and engaged, making all of your work feel meaningful. Choose to be an automotive technician, and choose a secure path forward in a job you will continue to love.

Ready to Become an Automotive Technician? Let’s Go!

The first step to a better career is by applying to IntelliTec College. Taking the first step to your new career is as easy as filling out a form. Our staff of financial aid and career services professionals will guide you through the process and will help you land on your feet with a great job.

With our 18-month degree program in Albuquerque and Colorado Springs, and our 10.5-month certificate program in Grand Junction and Pueblo, you get all the training you need from instructors who know the automotive business well. Your training can give you the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this exciting industry.

Ready to learn more? Click here to contact us; we would love to tell you more about the success you will find in this rewarding career.

I’m Ready to Learn More about Automotive Technicians

Colorado Springs Automotive Technician program graduate John Sexton, Jr. employed after graduation
Colorado Springs Automotive Technician program graduate John Sexton, Jr. lands job in record time in Phoenix, AZ. Soon after he was promoted to shop foreman. John trained hands-on at IntelliTec College for his Associate of Occupational Studies degree – which is designed to be completed in 18 months.

After Exiting a Career in the Military, John Sexton, Jr. Lands Job as Shop Foreman in Phoenix, AZ

Without a doubt, John Sexton, Jr. believes that setting priorities means getting things done. His scheduled approach allowed him work from 6:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., attend classes at IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs from 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m., and still be a single parent to his young son while his wife was deployed to Afghanistan.

“I have to be honest – I was pretty overwhelmed. I contemplated dropping out, but my dad convinced me to soldier through. He understood that very few people who dropped out returned to finish their degree,” recalls Sexton.

Career College Provides Valuable Hands-on Training and Unlocks New Career for Military Veteran in the Automotive Industry

Sexton originally attended a local community college, but he soon discovered it wasn’t a “fit” for him. He felt frustrated by the fact that he had to take classes such as math, science and English. He was slightly intimidated since he did not score as high as he’d hoped on the placement exams. With his almost 16 years of experience as a heavy duty diesel technician, he felt like he was in high school all over again.

“I wanted to earn my degree because I knew that it would open more doors career-wise than just my experience. I really didn’t want to take a bunch of electives that wouldn’t translate into needed skills on-the-job,” Sexton explains.

Auto Tech Graduate is Grateful for Instructor Support and Flexible Class Schedules

IntelliTec’s Automotive Technician program offered John more than just the right degree. It gave him plenty of hands-on experience plus a large dose of support by caring instructors. Sexton encourages others to consider IntelliTec College, because the school has a system in place to assist anyone who is trying to earn their degree while also juggling a work and family life.

“Mr. Gorman [Instructor and Automotive Technician Program Supervisor] understood that my wife was deployed, and I was working and taking care of our two year-old. He assisted me with anything that I needed, and that meant the world to me. He really helped me through the hard times,” comments Sexton.

Military Experience and Career-Focused Education Lands IntelliTec Graduate Employment in a Matter of Weeks

Finding employment was almost too easy for Sexton. Within two weeks of graduation he was offered a position with Superstition Trucks & Trailers in Phoenix, AZ – but not for the position to which he originally applied.

“I knew the demand was high for heavy duty diesel techs in Phoenix; that’s why I waited to apply until I graduated and was available to start work. But at Superstition Trucks & Trailers, I applied for the tech job one day and was promoted to shop foreman the next day!” says Sexton.

Article written by: Kaufman, Doug. Engine Builder Magazine, 2017

When it was launched in 2012, the Performance Engine Builder of the Year competition was Engine Builder magazine’s attempt to celebrate the unsung heroes of the racing world.

“After all, the driver, the crew chief, the team owner – heck even the driver’s dog – each get more TV time and fan recognition than the engine builder,” explains Engine Builder publisher/editor Doug Kaufman. Kaufman says there is an old adage about winning races: “To finish first, you must first finish. A less familiar adage is ‘You won’t even start the race without an engine.’

“And even less known but even more important is this,” Kaufman says: “If you don’t know how to build an engine you’re not going anywhere.”

To honor his commitment to Engine Builder’s third law, Dave Gorman, an Automotive Technician instructor at IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs, CO, was named the runner up in the magazine’s competition sponsored by Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ brands Speed-Pro POWERFORGED Pistons and Fel-Pro Performance Gaskets.

Dave Gorman, IntelliTec College High-Performance Instructor

“I am honored to be selected as the runner-up in the 2016 Performance Engine Builder of the Year supported by Engine Builder magazine. To be one of the few automotive colleges to receive such an award is something I am very proud of,” Gorman says.

The High Performance Engine Building Program at IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs started many years ago. This is Gorman’s 20th year teaching automotive technology with the last 10 years being at IntelliTec College. Early in his career he saw a void in the automotive educational system, specifically in the high performance engine capacity.

“I looked at some curriculum at some post-secondary automotive schools around the country that were teaching high performance engines and it was very generic with no depth,” Gorman says. “No scientific analysis or logic was being taught on when and why to install a certain high performance part. So I developed a 12-week HP program specifically on disassembly, design, blueprint and re-assembly, then fire-up with mostly domestic V8 engines that we have in-house on our running engine stands.”

Gorman runs a 12-week program on disassembly, design, blueprint, re-assembly and fire up on domestic V8s. He
emphasizes the importance of supporting the future of this industry by working with today’s young people.

The students learn how to calculate component selection through science analysis, logic and physical facts along with the ability to design and build 1000+ horsepower engines.

“One of my favorite engine builds was a car I drag raced for 27 years – A 1973 Plymouth Road Runner GTX with a supercharged-alcohol injected 440 that produced 1155 HP with a flat tappet camshaft and Edelbrock street heads. The heavy Plymouth ran mid 8-second 1/4 mile times @ 162 mph at sea level.”

As expected with many teachers/instructors, the thrill of the job for Gorman is receiving positive feedback from the student body.

“The future of the high performance world is only getting better,” he says. “You MUST be educated on designing and building high performance engines if the vehicle in question is going to perform up to expectations.”

As part of his award, Federal-Mogul Motorparts and Engine Builder magazine donated a critical piece of test equipment to Gorman’s program.

Colorado Springs Automotive Technician students learn on High Performance cars.
“This is a rapidly changing industry,” explains Kaufman. “We are proud to support Dave Gorman’s and IntelliTec College’s commitment to equipping the next generation of passionate engine experts with the skills to be successful.”

Kaufman, Doug. “Dave Gorman, 2016 Performance Engine Builder of the Year Runner Up.” Engine Builder Magazine Jan. 2017: 16. Web.

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Automotive Technician Graduate Marc Quini Learned More than Just How to Repair Cars at IntelliTec College of Pueblo

Automotive Technician program graduate, Marc Quini, lands a job at Spradley Chevrolet and is quickly promoted to Lead Technician.
Automotive Technician program graduate, Marc Quini, lands a job at Spradley Chevrolet and is quickly promoted to Lead Technician.

Marc Quini applies the same core principles in his life as he does at his job: create structure and prioritize daily tasks. These served him well in the military and are pillars when it comes to managing a work schedule and a home life.

“This may sound simplistic, but if you check and double-check your work, you can address issues that could have easily been avoided,” explains Quini.

Former Blackhawk Pilot Determines a New Flight Plan for His Life

During his military career, Quini’s stress levels were high as he was constantly preparing for deployment. Once he left the military and enrolled at IntelliTec College in Pueblo, Quini felt he could relax and completely focus on his classes. The G.I. Bill covered tuition and living expenses, relieving the financial burden.

“I felt pretty lucky I could put 100% into school and not worry about having to work while going to school and taking care of my kids. For the most part my classes corresponded with the girls’ schedule, allowing me time with them in the evenings,” says Quini.

Automotive Grad Grateful to Career Service Exceptional Job Preparation

Automotive Technician graduate Marc Quini celebrates military retirement and getting his Associate’s degree in a big way – with the purchase of a new car!

Quini participated in three mock interviews through IntelliTec’s Career Services department, and unbeknownst to him, the service manager from Spradley Chevrolet in Pueblo sat on the last interview panel. Quini was hired on the spot.

“I enjoy working with my coworkers and dealing with some of the challenges that come through the door. Each vehicle that comes in has the potential to test my limits, providing me with so much opportunity to master my skills on a wide variety of issues,” says Quini.

Quini Advises Auto Techs to Create a Process, Follow it Every Time, and Check Mark Tasks Once Completed

He attributes his conscientious work ethic to his instructors and program supervisor. All provided a complete academic experience, but they went beyond classroom lessons and promoted traits such as organization, respect and professionalism. Quini appreciates that his academic career was more than about tests.

“IntelliTec had the tools and the facility to train me on all the new technology, but it’s the small pieces of advice that stuck with me most. Things like ‘clean up after yourself, treat vehicles as your own, and that all actions (professional or otherwise) count as part of the customer’s experience,’” Quini says.

Co-authors: Kayla Harper and Jason Sievert

Albuquerque students at the SkillsUSA Leadership training
Albuquerque students at the SkillsUSA Leadership training enjoying lunch at the conference.

SkillsUSA Promotes Occupational and Leadership Skills Through Competition and Community Service Projects

SkillsUSA empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders, and responsible American citizens. It improves the quality of America’s skilled workforce through a structured program of citizenship, leadership, employability, technical and professional skills training.

SkillsUSA programs include local, state, and national competitions in which students demonstrate occupational and leadership skills. At the annual national-level SkillsUSA Championships, more than 6,000 students compete in 100 occupational and leadership skill areas. SkillsUSA programs also help to establish industry standards for job skill training in the lab and classroom as well as promoting community service.

Albuquerque ITC just finishing up the first community service project down in Ruidoso, New Mexico
Albuquerque ITC just finishing up the first community service project down in Ruidoso, New Mexico

SkillsUSA IntelliTec Albuquerque Chapter Performs Community Service Project in Ruidoso, New Mexico

At IntelliTec College Albuquerque campus our students have just finished the steps necessary to receive their Chapter charter. In late October 2016, the chapter officers attended a state led leadership conference which aided in building their knowledge and growing their skills as professionals. The officer team returned from their conference and took the knowledge they had learned into their next meeting.

The result was the establishment of their first community service project, a perfect opportunity to use the student’s leadership skills to serve the community and practice their technical skills repairing vehicles. The project was in Ruidoso, New Mexico where a small camp had a dozen or so automotive related projects that desperately needed completion. Albuquerque ITC answered the call and was able to accomplish almost every task at hand. They were so efficient they also had time to relax a bit.

Many projects were completed including:

  • installing a new muffler and tailpipe on a JCB 214 Backhoe, diagnosing a bad alternator, and fixing the wiring.
  • Students repaired a draw on the battery on one vehicle and a repaired another that was overheating.
  • Another vehicle had the fuel pump replaced and two others were diagnosed with bad cam sensors and repaired.

Overall we put in 108 man hours and saved the camp over $4000. They were immensely grateful for the student’s effort and indicated they would love to have them back anytime. The students were very professional and all had a great time.

Future Plans for SkillsUSA IntelliTec Albuquerque Chapter

In the upcoming months, our students will prepare themselves for the New Mexico State Leadership and Skills Competition, a test of each students’ level of knowledge in their field of study. Wherever they place, they will build greatly needed skills to succeed as students and professionals and force their competitors to perform at their best. The goal is to win Gold at the state level and move on to the National level.

There is much more to come from the SkillsUSA IntelliTec Albuquerque chapter. Through the next few months and years to come I expect this organization to celebrate the opportunities and challenges that may arise. We will see many triumphs and some failures, but ultimately we will learn from both.

More About SkillsUSA

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry representatives working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce and helping each individual student to excel. The organization focuses on serving teachers and high school and college students who are preparing for careers in technical, skilled and service occupations, including health occupations and for further education. More than 300,000 students and advisors join SkillsUSA annually, organized into more than 18,000 sections and 52 state and territorial association and SkillsUSA has served more than 12.2 million members since its founding in 1965.

About IntelliTec College in Albuquerque

IntelliTec College in Albuquerque, NM offers hands-on career training for automotive technicians. This program awards an associate of occupational studies degree that is designed to be completed in 18 months. IntelliTec provides a supportive learning environment with small classes sizes and caring instructors. Learn how you can improve your life with a meaningful career by requesting information at or calling 505-508-5225.  IntelliTec College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

IntelliTec College Donates to Boys and Girls Cubs of Pueblo County
IntelliTec College Donates to Boys and Girls Cubs of Pueblo County with Funds from 2016 Car Expo.

IntelliTec College Donates Funds from Annual Car Expo and Pin-Up Contest to Two Pueblo Community Charities

Press Release – For Immediate Release

Pueblo, CO – This year’s 2016 Auto Show at IntelliTec College of Pueblo raised $2550 for two deserving charities: Posada of Pueblo and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County. This annual fundraising event continues to emphasize the importance of community partnerships and the need for funds for deserving charities, while bringing attention to organizations that do so much for the community.

Anne Stattelman, Executive Director for Posada of Pueblo is grateful for the relationship.

“IntelliTec becomes part of our organization via its advocacy during fundraisers such as this. They help to spread the word about what we do, and that’s always beneficial.”

IntelliTec College Donates to Posada of Pueblo
IntelliTec College Donates to Posada of Pueblo with Funds from 2016 Car Show.

Automotive Technology Students Generate the “Fun” in Fundraising

According to Campus Director Dave Scott, IntelliTec College of Pueblo  instills in its students the value of giving back to its community, and giving support to worthy local charities such as Posada and the Boys and Girls Clubs is just one example.

“This is a fun and exciting event for the entire Pueblo campus, but it’s clear the automotive students are some of the most excited. Those who display their vehicles take great pride in them,” recognizes Scott.

Planning and Preparation Pave the Way for a Successful Auto Show

Jason Ontiveros, Automotive Technician Program Supervisor at Pueblo’s campus, who has helped organize this fundraiser for a number of years, denotes,

IntelliTec College of Pueblo Pin-Up Contest at 2016 Car Expo Fundraiser
IntelliTec College of Pueblo Pin-Up Contest at 2016 Car Expo Fundraiser.

“There were 51 cars with all types of makes and models from a 1931 Ford to a 2014 Dodge. IntelliTec’s Student Ambassadors served refreshments, and Victory Outreach of Pueblo provided games such as a bounce house and a dunk tank.”

Months before the date approaches, staff and students begin the preparations for the auto show. The event entails a tremendous amount of planning and organization, but it is also fun and rewarding. Scott notes volunteers arrive at the break of dawn to set up, and they do not leave until “every last water bottle is picked up.”

Pin-Ups and Classic Cars Create a Timeless Pair at Annual Event

For the second year, the College’s Automotive Technician program introduced additional fun and fashion with a 50’s themed pin-up contest where ten young ladies competed for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.

Winners took home gift baskets filled with a variety of Matrix beauty supply products and gift cards. Contestants were judged based upon their execution of hairstyles, outfits, and overall presentation of the 50’s pin-up style. Students at IntelliTec College of Pueblo’s Cosmetology program were on hand to style with hair and makeup for the models of the contest.

Pin-Up Contest Contestants at IntelliTec College of Pueblo's 2016 Car Expo Fundraiser.
Pin-Up Contest Contestants at IntelliTec College of Pueblo’s 2016 Car Expo Fundraiser.

Contestants posed for a photo shoot with several of the cars on display, and the car owners were thrilled to have their vehicles photographed with the fashionable 50’s pin-up ladies. “The contest is done very tastefully and everyone has a great time with it. Hot cars and pretty girls have always gone together in the automotive world. We take great strides to ensure it is all part of the family-oriented fun of the event,” says Scott.

About IntelliTec College of Pueblo

IntelliTec College of Pueblo, CO offers hands-on career training in the technical trades, cosmetology, allied healthcare, and massage therapy fields. These programs award either associate degrees or certificates and are designed to be completed in as little as 18 months or less. IntelliTec provides a supportive learning environment with small classes sizes and caring instructors. Learn how you can improve your life with a meaningful career by requesting information at or calling 719-542-3181.


Jason Ontiveros
Automotive Program Supervisor
IntelliTec College of Pueblo
(719) 542-3181

Dave Scott
Campus Director
IntelliTec College of Pueblo
(719) 542-3181



Dustin Cooper Automotive Technician Graduate Success Story - IntelliTec College in Grand Junction
Dustin Cooper Automotive Technician Graduate – IntelliTec College in Grand Junction

New IntelliTec College Graduate Dustin Cooper Finishes What He Starts – an Associate’s Degree and a New Career

Cooper had a lot of experience working on cars in his free time and at his gas station job, but his knowledge ended at the basics. Now that he’s completed his hands-on career training as an automotive technician and works full-time as an Automotive Technician at Grand Junction Subaru, he’s proud of the new skills in his toolbox.

“Now when you hear that knocking sound in your car, I can diagnose it when you bring it in,” jokes Cooper.

Helpful Colleagues and an Easy-Going Attitude Make Going to Work Enjoyable

According to IntelliTec’s Automotive Program Supervisor Mark Faudree, Cooper can do a lot more than diagnose car troubles. He was a top performer while enrolled in school, and he made sure to both learn and master a skill before moving on to something new.

“Dustin is a self-starter; dedicated, dependable, and steps in willingly to help out. He’s a real asset to the automotive field, and I think any company would be proud to hire him on as a technician,” says Faudree.

Dustin Cooper Automotive Technician Graduate Success Story - IntelliTec College in Grand Junction
Dustin Cooper and fiance – Automotive Technician Graduate Success Story – IntelliTec College in Grand Junction

Cooper Stays Focused in College to Earn a Successful Career as an Automotive Technician

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