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Want to Learn the Latest in Automotive Technology?

IntelliTec’s Program Features Electude, a Leader in E-Learning for Automotive Technology

The automotive industry is changing rapidly, and at IntelliTec College we know our students need the most current, relevant training in order to be successful in this growing industry. Vocational students, especially students of the digital generation, are visual and kinesthetic learners, and they need to be taught differently. For this reason, IntelliTec’s Automotive Technology program is designed to provide more than just lectures and textbook instruction. IntelliTec’s hybrid learning model incorporates hands-on learning through on-campus labs with digital learning through Electude, a global leader in automotive e-learning solutions. 

At IntelliTec, we believe it is critical our instructors provide the latest, most relevant training in order to equip students for success in their chosen career paths. Recognizing that most vocational students are visual or kinesthetic learners, and prefer minimal reading, IntelliTec has incorporated Electude’s innovative training program to enable students to understand automotive theory and technology in a way that textbooks cannot provide. Electude was developed for vocational students, and has a unique approach that adapts to the learning style of each student. Electude’s innovative teaching method is based on gaming principles, and uses interactive models, animations, and simulations. Students are able to hone their skills through Electude’s digital learning and simulations, before practicing with hands-on applications in on-campus workshops. 

IntelliTec offers two options for students interested in Automotive Technology. For students who are interested in a full degree program, IntelliTec offers a 19.5-month  Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) program, available at the Albuquerque and Colorado Springs campuses. For students who are interested in a shorter, more concise program, IntelliTec also offers a certification program that is achievable in just 15 months. The certification program has been so popular with students, it was recently expanded to the Albuquerque and Colorado Springs campuses. Beginning in November 2020, students at all four IntelliTec campuses will have access to this program.

IntelliTec’s Automotive Technology programs are designed to teach students the essential automotive theory and technology necessary for entry-level employment in the automotive industry. Students learn to work with brakes, suspension systems, manual and automatic transmissions, climate control systems, emissions systems, and starting and charging systems. Additionally, students learn engine performance, as well as how to run and interpret diagnostic and troubleshooting routines. With IntelliTec’s hybrid learning model, students learn hands-on skills through on-campus labs, while receiving digital instruction through our partnership with Electude, a global leader in automotive e-learning solutions

With IntelliTec, you can learn the latest in automotive theory and technology through the most innovative, interactive learning models available today. Benefit from in-person instruction and hands-on practice through on-campus labs under the supervision of experienced and dedicated faculty. At the same time, experience the simulations and animated lessons of the innovative, user-friendly Electude e-learning system. IntelliTec’s Automotive Technology program is enrolling now for the November 2020 start date, and you can now enroll in the 15-month certification program at any of IntelliTec’s four campuses. Ready to get started in this rewarding career path? Contact us today! You can make your career goals a reality, with training from IntelliTec College!