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Exploring HVAC Careers Part 2: The Best Entry Level HVAC Jobs


Entry Level HVAC Jobs

Now that you’ve made the step to get your HVAC Technician training, you’re probably wondering what happens after graduation. Will you get hired right away? Who hires new grads?

Wonder no more. IntelliTec’s HVAC training Program Supervisor Eric Seltenright gives some advice on how to find and get hired for entry level HVAC jobs.

  1. What entry level HVAC jobs can graduates get?
  2. What HVAC Technician jobs are in the most demand?
  3. What are the top three things employers look for in a candidate applying for HVAC jobs?
  4. Who is currently hiring HVAC grads in Colorado Springs?

1. What entry level HVAC jobs can graduates can get?

The best job possibilities are limited only by the attitude and desire of the graduate. All are given the basics and must build on those foundations.

A job with a larger HVAC company usually provides some of the best opportunities for growth in a career. A new hire in training is a very good job with companies like Trane, Honeywell, or Hobart. These are national companies that have apprentice-type positions available from time to time. They have the resources to train and build skills and knowledge.

Being accepted into a union apprentice program is also an excellent starting point. Most programs are 5 years long and many applicants with prior school or an Associate of Occupational Studies degree usually start higher in the program and can attain journeyman status within two or three years. These types of programs often find work for apprentices so they can earn while they learn.

Getting a job with a commercial or residential HVAC service company is also a strong possibility and can be a great starting point. Many companies hire “helpers” with training and put them to work assisting journeymen or other service technicians in their operations. The applicant has to be willing to work and eager to learn on the job to succeed. Private service companies or contractors sometimes do not have the resources for much formal training and look for people that are quick learners and self-starters.

Another good starting position might be in facility HVAC departments such as hotels, schools, hospitals, colleges, and the like. More and more of the large facility venues in entertainment or sports may have large needs for in-house technicians where around the clock maintenance and repairs are required. USAA Insurance, for example has a 3-shift, 24-hour maintenance department that watches over their buildings. And do not forget government facilities of all types.

2. What HVAC Technician jobs are in the most demand?

There is always high demand for service and repair technicians who can troubleshoot, diagnose and repair residential heating and cooling systems, commercial HVAC systems, commercial food service equipment (including ice making and beverage equipment), grocery store refrigeration equipment and commercial cooking equipment. The key here being the diagnostics of equipment and an understanding of different designs, applications, wiring schematics and troubleshooting skills.

3. What are the top three things employers look for in a candidate applying for HVAC jobs?

Simple: Appearance, Attitude and Aptitude. Remember employers could be more interested in your attendance and dependability than your grades.

4. Who is currently hiring HVAC grads in Colorado Springs?

According to IntelliTec’s Career Services Advisor Joanie Johnston, there are currently over 50 new employers looking for HVAC Technicians just this year. “…along with our continual employers such as: Johnson Controls, Parkey’s, JD Vigil, HPE, Fountain Valley Mechanical, Solar Bear, Affordable Air Care, Affordable Heating and Plumbing, KBR, KIRA, Forest City, Haining Refrigeration, Goodrich Corporation, Fairfield Inn and Suites, Marriott Corp, Refrigeration Equipment, United Restaurant Supply, Hobart and many others.”

In Summary

Now you know what you have to do to get the HVAC job you want right out of school! Take this valuable HVAC career advice and make it happen. Soon you could know what it’s like to do a job you love.

About the Refrigeration & AC-HVAC Technician Program at IntelliTec College

IntelliTec’s Refrigeration & AC-HVAC Technician program offered in Colorado Springs features: Associate of Occupational Studies Degree, hands-on hvac training, industry-specific training equipment, preparation for professional certification(s), experienced instructors, small class sizes and career placement assistance.