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No diploma? No problem!

IntelliTec’s ECPP Program Offers a Career Pathway to 

Students Without a High School Diploma


Are you interested in attending a career training school, but don’t have a high school diploma? If you have a career goal, IntelliTec wants to help you make it a reality. IntelliTec College now offers an exciting new program for students to obtain a high school diploma while working towards their IntelliTec diploma or degree. Our Eligible Career Pathway Program (ECPP) opens the door to every student who wishes to pursue career training. Are you ready to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about IntelliTec’s new ECPP program. 


What is the ECPP?

The Eligible Career Pathway Program (ECPP) is a program designed for students who do not have a high school diploma or GED, but who wish to enroll in a college or career training program for which it is a requirement. Students who enroll in the ECPP at IntelliTec will be enrolled in our partner program to work towards their high school diploma, while being concurrently enrolled in one of IntelliTec’s career training programs. Students maintain enrollment in both, take courses for both, and work to achieve both their high school diploma and their IntelliTec degree or diploma at the same time. 


What is required to enroll in the ECPP at IntelliTec?

The only requirement for enrolling in the ECPP is that you pass an independently-administered, Department of Education-approved Ability to Benefit Assessment. When you enroll with IntelliTec, our admissions advisors will help you through every step of the process. 


Will I really earn my high school diploma and my IntelliTec diploma or degree?

Yes! You really can work to earn both your high school diploma and your IntelliTec diploma or degree at the same time!  The ECPP is so exciting because students can now begin their career training without waiting to complete their GED program first. You don’t need to wait any longer to pursue your career goals; with IntelliTec’s ECPP program, you can earn both your high school diploma and your IntelliTec diploma or degree, so you can get to work in your chosen career path sooner.  


At IntelliTec, our mission is to help you succeed. We don’t want students to face any barriers when it comes to obtaining the career training they need to achieve a better life. If you are ready to begin your career training, but don’t have a high school diploma or GED, contact us to find out more about the ECPP program. We work with accredited partners that will assist you in completing your high school requirements while you team up with IntelliTec College to reach your career goals. You can make your career goals a reality, make it happen with IntelliTec!