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Meet Laurenz Gallegos – IntelliTec College Success Story

At 18, Laurenz Gallegos picked up his suitcase and dog and took off for Colorado. He left a small town in Nebraska behind, ready to start his adult life. He knew he wanted to begin a career in the medical field as soon as possible. Through word-of-mouth, he learned about IntelliTec College and decided to apply.  

“I knew a technical school was going to get me an internship working in the field quickly and a lot of people I knew in the medical field talked about IntelliTec College,” said Laurenz.  

Laurenz began IntelliTec College in 2014. He said it was intimidating at first as it was his first time in college, and the youngest in any of his classes.  

“It was a little bit overwhelming, but I took it and ran with it. I worked as hard as I could,” said Laurenz. “Being around older students allowed me to absorb a lot of wisdom and guidance. It was less daunting and more assuring that I was doing the right thing.”  

Laurenz also said the culture and environment at IntelliTec College helped him succeed. 

“My instructors wanted nothing but the best for me. My peers wanted me to succeed in every aspect,” said Laurenz. “I never felt left behind. I never felt like I was below or lesser than anyone. The culture was very supportive,” he said.  

Laurenz graduated IntelliTec College in 2016 with two registries, phlebotomy technician and medical assistant, and an associate degree of occupational studies.  

After graduating, Laurenz began working in a hospital as an Environmental Specialist, began an internship and started studies at a university all at the same time. He continued to progress in his career, moving into different specialties, becoming a trainer in most of those specialties, and ultimately entering a career that incorporates information technology into his medical experience.  

“My IntelliTec instructors and peers kept pushing me to go up in my career,” said Laurenz. IntelliTec allowed me to have the connections to further my career. The culture and environment at IntelliTec College allowed those healthy connections. They created a networking circle,” he said. 

Currently, Laurenz serves as an Informaticist and Training Analyst for Adventist Hospital. In his role, Laurenz trains doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and other medical staff how to use the systems, or Electronic Health Record (EHR), in their role. He credits his experience as a medical assistant in helping him achieve this career goal and he plans to continue to grow in his career in information technology and medicine.  

Laurenz is very involved and well-known in his medical sphere. When asked for advice about education, Laurenz recommends IntelliTec College.  

“I have told people ‘If you are looking for a college that is going to give you hands-on learning and quickly, IntelliTec College is the way’,” said Laurenz. “They are not only going to give you the skills for the necessity of the community, they are going to give you those connections. Be committed and stay involved and you will be successful.”