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IntelliTec College CEO Personally Delivers Diesel Truck to Pueblo Campus for Hands-On Automotive Technician Training

New Diesel Truck delivered to the Auto Dept. by IntelliTec’s own CEO, Mike Schranz.

Earlier this year, IntelliTec College CEO Mike Schranz personally delivered a black diesel truck as a surprise addition to the automotive department in Pueblo, Colorado. The truck came on the last day of the term as the students were cleaning up the shop and preparing for their end of term pot luck.

Mr. Schranz arrived at the campus along with a large diesel truck and announced, “Here is your new truck for the diesel program.” Automotive Technology Program Supervisor Jason Ontiveros commented, “My jaw dropped, and I had a smile from ear to ear –  I was super excited for the delivery that was made.”

Artie Loredo, one of the Automotive Technician program students, decided to purchase sodas, steaks, hot links and tortillas to cook on his authentic Mexican style grill for all the students and staff. No one knew that the truck was coming. Mr. Schranz and some others joined in on the BBQ, and the diesel truck was brought around for the students to see.

The diesel truck is a great training tool for the Automotive students. They are learning hands-on how a diesel truck runs and how to perform the preventative maintenance needed to keep it running. Light diesel engine repair is part of the Automotive Technician curriculum at IntelliTec College in Pueblo as well as at the Albuquerque and Grand Junction campuses.

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