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HVAC/R Technicians are Essential Workers!

Train for an Essential Career with IntelliTec College

The HVAC industry has certainly been impacted by the effects of the COVID-19  pandemic, but workers in this field have remained at work, continuing to provide critical repairs. As the skilled workers who install, maintain, inspect, and repair heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, HVAC technicians have been declared essential infrastructure workers. If you are interested in training for a new career that is in high demand, even during the economic uncertainty of a global pandemic, then consider training for an essential career as a Refrigeration and HVAC Technician! Read on to learn how you can get started in a career you can be proud of, in as few as 19.5 months, with training from IntelliTec College.

During COVID-19 it remained critical that residences and businesses were able to maintain properly functioning HVAC systems and commercial refrigeration equipment. 

HVAC equipment is important for providing comfort, but it is vital for health and safety. Small particles of disease can remain airborne for some period of time, but well-designed HVAC systems provide necessary air filtration and can minimize the spread of airborne disease. Commercial refrigeration equipment is absolutely critical for food and medical supply preservation. If and when equipment does fail, it is imperative HVAC/R technicians are able to respond to calls to repair or replace it as quickly as possible. For these reasons, in March 2020, during the earliest stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) designated HVAC industry employees among “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During the COVID-19 Response.” 

HVAC/R workers are essential because their services are necessary for ensuring continuity of building functions and maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences. Because of the critical services they provide, HVAC/R technicians are now considered essential workers. If you are interested in a hands-on technical job that offers stability even in times of national economic crisis and a global pandemic, then training for a career in HVAC/R may be a good choice for you!

At IntelliTec, our Refrigeration and HVAC Technician program is designed to prepare graduates for immediate entry-level employment in the field in as few as 19.5 months. Located at the Colorado Springs campus, the HVAC/R program teaches foundational knowledge as well as hands-on skills. Under the instruction of experienced faculty, students learn to master the following:

  • Maintenance and repair of residential and commercial heating and air systems
  • Installation and operation of electrical controls operation
  • Refrigerant recovery and evacuation
  • Operation, maintenance, and repair of commercial refrigeration systems
  • Diagnosis of pressure sensing devices of programmable control systems and the diagnosis of mechanical control systems
  • Troubleshooting of chilled-water systems, water tower systems, and pumps
  • Customer service and professional confidence installation of domestic & commercial water heaters and HVAC systems
  • Combustion analysis and blueprint reading

Graduates of IntelliTec’s Refrigeration and HVAC Technician program will receive their Associate of Occupational Science (AOS) degree, and will be prepared to test for nationally-recognized industry certifications such as the Green Awareness certification, NATE Certification, Carbon Monoxide Certification, and EPA Certification. Holding a degree and professional certifications demonstrates your knowledge and skills and can help you stand out in a crowded job field.

With HVAC/R technician training from IntelliTec, you will be ready to join a growing field that is now in higher demand than ever. Train with IntelliTec for a career as an essential HVAC/R worker and you can position yourself for a rewarding, hands-on career in as few as 19.5 months. Are you ready to take the next step? There has never been a better time to invest in yourself and your training! Call IntelliTec today at 1-800-748-2282 to speak with one of our helpful, friendly admissions representatives, or Apply Online today! At IntelliTec, our mission is to help students like you find career success in your community. Make it happen with IntelliTec!