Educational Benefits for Veterans:

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How you can use your GI Bill Benefits at IntelliTec College


If you have served in the military, Thank You! At IntelliTec College, we appreciate your service to our country. That’s why IntelliTec College is proud to be a strong supporter of our nation’s military, offering many benefits and advantages to Veterans who come here to pursue higher education and career training opportunities. At IntelliTec, there are many benefits available to you for your education. Unsure of your benefits and how to receive them? Contact us or read on to learn more!

What Types of College Military Benefits Are Available to Me?

There are various types of bills that the federal government offers in support of active military and veterans. The GI Bill Comparison Tool is a helpful way to determine which educational programs are available to you, and allows you to compare benefits by school. Qualifications and conditions for military benefits vary, but you don’t need to figure any of this out alone. At IntelliTec, we have dedicated specialists to assist you in identifying and applying to use your VA benefits. Contact us at anytime for help.

Why should I Use My Military Benefits for School?

Using your military benefits to pursue an education or career training is a great way to start a rewarding career. There are several other advantages that come with using your GI Bill® money as well.

  • GI Bill money is non-taxable. 
  • The GI Bill provides substantial benefits, usually enough to cover all of your educational expenses and sometimes even living expenses. This will allow you to go to school full time, so you can focus on your studies, do well, and graduate quickly.
  • The GI Bill education benefits work for a variety of program types, from traditional universities to technical vocational schools. This flexibility will allow you to freely choose your own path for a new career. 

How Do I Apply for Military Benefits for School?

If you are interested in using your military benefits to attend school you first apply to the Department of Veterans Affairs and fill out a simple form. From there, you will receive confirmation of your benefits and be able to move forward.

Once you have applied and your application has been successfully processed, you can start using these benefits right away. 

Applying for your VA education benefits can be done in any of the following ways:

  • Apply online HERE 
  • Visit your nearest VA regional office to apply in person.
  • Call 1-888-GI BILL-1 (888-442-4551) to have the application mailed to you.
  • Consult with the VA Certifying Official at the school of your choice; this official will have application forms and can help you apply. IntelliTec College has trained VA School Certifying specialists in our Business Office who are available to help guide you.

So, Are You Ready to Use Your Military Benefits to Start Building a Rewarding New Career?

You’ve worked hard for your military career, and there is no better way to build on your experience than to find a profession that keeps you motivated and happy.

At IntelliTec, we are proud to have many students who have served in the military. These veterans turn to us for quick, practical programs that will land them in a great industry quickly.


Why Choose IntelliTec for Your Education and Career Training?

IntelliTec College has four campus locations: Colorado Springs, Grand Junction and Pueblo, Colorado and Albuquerque, New Mexico; all four welcome Veterans and service-members. IntelliTec’s Colorado Springs campus also participates in the Yellow Ribbon program. Institutions of higher learning participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program may make additional funds available for housing, books, and supplies, without an additional charge to your GI Bill entitlement. 

Contact us today to learn more about the military benefits you may be eligible to receive, and how they can be used to start a great program at IntelliTec College. IntelliTec offers both Associate’s (Occupational) Degree programs and Certificate programs, and specializes in hands-on career training for in-demand, technical careers. Available programs depend on location, and include: Automotive Technician, Computer Systems Technician, Refrigeration and HVAC Technician, Cosmetology, Dental, Medical and Nursing Assistant and Massage Therapy programs. For complete information about career-training opportunities at IntelliTec, visit

Resources for Veteran Students: 

Provides comprehensive information about the education benefits offered by the VA.

Transitioning to civilian life takes preparation, research, planning, and the right tools, the GI Bill Comparison Tool can help you make the right decisions on where to use your hard earned benefits. Using this tool, veterans can learn about which educational programs are available to them, and can compare benefits by school.

Provides information about the post-911 GI Bill, which has a few specific components that are unavailable in other GI Bill programs.

Provides information about the Yellow Ribbon program, and allows users to search for participating schools by State.

Provides information about the Montgomery GI Bill.