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2021 Has Arrived!

It’s a New Year, and a Great Time to Train for a New Career

It’s a new year, and it’s a great time to train for a new career! 2021 has arrived and it ’s time to turn the corner and leave 2020 behind us. You can get the New Year off to a great start by training for a new and rewarding career! At IntelliTec College, we specialize in helping students like you get the training you need to achieve your career goals. IntelliTec offers training programs for several careers that are in high demand in today’s economy, some are even essential. With IntelliTec, you can start the New Year by training for a new career! 

2020 was a difficult year for many of us, and if you experienced a disruption to your work life, you are not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic caused historic levels of unemployment, and part-time workers and those without a college degree were the hardest hit ( If you suffered a cut in hours, a decrease in income, or lost your job entirely, then 2021 is the perfect time to consider training for a new career! When the economy rebounds, which it eventually will, there will be a reset in the job market promising unprecedented opportunity for those who are ready to take it – get ready to stand out in the job market, with career training from IntelliTec!

At IntelliTec, we offer the training programs you need to get prepared for careers that are in high demand. IntelliTec offers training programs for careers that are in demand even in slow economic times, and for careers that are essential, offering stability even in trying times like these. Our programs are designed to prepare you for careers that are in high demand where you live, so you can get to work in your very own community. At IntelliTec, you can train for the following in-demand careers:

Each of IntelliTec’s career-training programs is designed to be achievable in a relatively short amount of time. We understand how busy our students are, and we want to make your training work in your life. We have designed all of our programs to be focused in scope, yet thorough, so you can learn the necessary knowledge and skills as quickly as possible, and get to work as soon you graduate! IntelliTec’s certificate programs can be completed in less than a year, degree programs in less than 2 years. Earn your Certificate of Completion in programs such as Medical Assisting or Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in just 12 months, or Dental Assisting in just 10.5 months! 

With IntelliTec’s career training programs, you can begin your New Year by getting started in a great new career! In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we shifted much of our learning modules online, and our hybrid and online classes deliver students with career training that is more accessible than ever before. IntelliTec’s hybrid-online classes enable students to complete the majority of the coursework online, while receiving hands-on skills training through regularly scheduled on-campus labs. Through this hybrid-online format, students receive the practical experience they need, in a safe manner that adheres to all local, state, and federal health guidelines.

If you experienced a downturn in 2020, like so many of us did, you can make a change for the better in 2021. The New Year is a great time for change, and you can get this New Year off to a great start by training for a new career with IntelliTec! With IntelliTec’s flexible online-hybrid programs, you can pursue a new career, and a brighter future. With locations in Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, and Pueblo, Colorado, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, IntelliTec is designed for motivated students just like you. You can get started on a great New Year with career training from IntelliTec, just contact us today! With Career Training from IntelliTec, You Can Start the New Year with a Great New Career!