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Begin a Medical Assisting Career

… with training from IntelliTec College

The United States is experiencing a booming healthcare industry, and allied health care workers such as medical assistants are in high demand nationwide. With strong growth in the healthcare industry, and growing demand for skilled, trained medical professionals, allied health careers such as medical assisting are a promising option for your future. Read on to learn more about how IntelliTec College can train you to join the growing allied healthcare field with a rewarding new career as a medical assistant! 

An aging population, increasing life expectancies, and more people than ever before with health insurance have led to unprecedented growth in the medical field. According to CareerProfiles, a career and job search website, medical assisting is one of the top ten fastest growing allied healthcare jobs. A career as a medical assistant offers a chance at a rewarding career without an expensive four year degree from a university. At IntelliTec, you can train for one of the fastest growing healthcare careers in as few as 10.5 months! 

Training for a healthcare career requires more than lectures and textbooks. At IntelliTec, students learn practical skills by doing, not just reading. All programs at IntelliTec are taught in a hands-on environment by industry professionals. Courses are offered days, evenings, and on the weekends, and all programs are designed to be completed in a relatively short amount of time. Most importantly, the programs at IntelliTec prepare students to obtain industry-recognized professional certifications upon graduation. 

At IntelliTec, you can train to be a medical assistant in as few as 10.5 months. The Medical Assistant program at IntelliTec teaches students to perform basic laboratory procedures, as well as how to assist physicians in medical office examinations. IntelliTec students learn to perform administrative duties such as bookkeeping, record management, appointment scheduling, insurance, and medical practice management. Upon completion of the program, IntelliTec graduates are prepared to sit for the AMT Registered Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist examinations for certification.

An allied healthcare career as a medical assistant will provide you with an opportunity to join the rapidly growing medical field. With IntelliTec, you can train to be a medical assistant fast, so you can get to work sooner and begin the new life you have been working for. At IntelliTec, our mission is to help students just like you realize their career dreams. 

If you are ready to pursue a rewarding career in a rapidly growing allied healthcare field, then give IntelliTec a call to find out more about our medical assisting program! Our friendly and helpful Admissions Representatives are waiting to answer any questions you have about IntelliTec and our programs, and can help you determine if this is the career path that is the best fit for you. Contact us to schedule a tour of our Colorado Springs, Grand Junction or Pueblo campuses, or get help to begin the application process. You can have a successful allied healthcare career that you and your family will be proud of – make your goals a reality with IntelliTec College!