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Get Ready for the Economy’s Rebound!

… With Career Training from IntelliTec College

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a deep and disruptive effect on the U.S. economy. Across the country, industries have been severely impacted and some portions of the economy have been halted entirely. Many Americans have found themselves without employment, and record numbers have filed for unemployment in recent weeks. Economists and market analysts agree, the American economy will ultimately turn around. IntelliTec College, with locations in Grand Junction, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Albuquerque, can prepare you with the skills and training you will need to land a quality job when the economy rebounds. IntelliTec offers Associate of Occupational Science (AOS) degrees and professional certificates for careers that are in high demand- some even essential- in your community. Enroll in a career-training program with IntelliTec now, and get ready for the economy’s rebound!

Businesses are beginning to reopen and the wheels of the economy have started to turn again. Recent reports show the labor market experienced a substantial uptick in activity during the last week of May, and the employment rate increased by 5%. “After two months of the worst economic data since at least World War II, our most recent survey reveals a sharp uptick in labor market activity,” said Adam Blandin, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the VCU School of Business who conducts the biweekly Real-Time Population Survey with Alexander Bick, Ph.D., an associate professor of economics at Arizona State. “In short, the economic recovery is underway. The employment rate increased in late May, bringing employment back to the level that we saw in mid-April.” 

As the economy makes it’s rebound we can expect an urgent demand for skilled, trained workers. Economists predict there will be mass hiring events across multiple industries, creating an unprecedented opportunity for workers in many different fields. At IntelliTec College, our career training programs are designed to prepare graduates for positions that are in high demand in their communities. IntelliTec offers training programs for clinical and administrative healthcare workers, technical IT careers, and hands-on careers in the trades. We can expect to see a significant uptick in hiring in each of these industries once the economy begins to recover. 

At IntelliTec, our goal is to see you graduate and find employment in your chosen field. We offer a wide range of programs that lead to professional certificates and/or Associate of Occupational Science (AOS) degrees. IntelliTec offers programs for critical healthcare careers including Medical Billing and Coding and Medical Assisting– both achievable in as few as 12 months! Other medical programs include the Dental Assistant program (10.5 months) and the Nursing Assistant program- achievable in just 4 weeks! IntelliTec also offers training programs for hands-on technical careers in the trades, including the Automotive Technician program (15 month certificate or 19.5 month AOS degree) and the Refrigeration and HVAC Technician program (19.5 month AOS degree). Additionally, IntelliTec provides training for important careers in information technology with the Computer Systems Technician program (12 month certificate or 19.5 month AOS degree). IntelliTec also offers career training in the specialized fields of Massage Therapy (9 months) and Cosmetology (15 months). Check out our complete list of career training programs to explore which career training program is right for you!

If you have become unemployed because of the coronavirus pandemic, or if you just are ready for a change, now is a great time to train for a new career. The economy will soon make it’s rebound, and the demand for skilled, trained workers will be strong. IntelliTec College can train you for success in one of many growing fields. With focused, comprehensive, skills-based training, IntelliTec’s programs are designed to prepare graduates for immediate entry level employment in their chosen field. Whether you choose to pursue a medical career, or a career in the trades, in IT, or in health and beauty, you can position yourself to be a highly desirable job candidate when the economy makes its rebound. With a degree or professional certificate from IntelliTec College, you can make yourself stand out in a crowded job field. Accredited by the ACCSC, IntelliTec College has been a leader in career training for over 50 years. Invest in yourself with training from IntelliTec today, and get ready for the economy to make it’s rebound. Contact us today!