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Studying at Home Tips

While Schools Remain Closed,

IntelliTec Students Engage in Distance Learning 


In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we are all practicing social distancing. One of the mitigation measures includes closing nearly all schools, and now most students, including all IntelliTec students, are conducting their studies through distance learning. Many students are now taking courses online, and most students are now doing their school work at home instead of on campus. In order to help you during this unprecedented time, we are sharing some of our best practices for studying at home. While we work through this uncertain time together, one thing is for certain – we will be working from our homes and from our computers.


  • Schedules are important; Make one that works for you.


Many of us have fallen into a pattern of mellow, uneventful days. When there’s no alarm clock or class to make on time it can become easy to let time slip by. But it’s important to stay on task so that you can work through your school work effectively and meet deadlines. It is more important than ever to establish a routine that works for you, even if it’s not an exact “schedule.” Whether you are someone that thrives on a tightly laid-out routine, or someone that enjoys a more casual pace, lay a structure for your day. Make sure to dedicate a set time to your studies.  


  • Create your study space


Creating a dedicated space to study and complete your schoolwork will allow you to focus, use time effectively, and do your best work. Even if you choose to move around throughout the day- maybe from the couch, to your dining table, to your desk and back again-  you still need a dedicated space to lay out your papers, keep a calendar, any textbooks and other resources. Keep it your desk or table study space well organized and stocked with needed materials. Make sure to avoid clutter, you want to keep this space for school work only. 


  • Organize yourself 


Whether you choose to use a digital calendar, an app on your phone, a daily planner or a traditional paper calendar, you’ll need to choose a system to keep yourself organized. More than ever before, you are responsible for keeping track of due dates, and completing assignments and tasks on time. Whatever calendar system you choose, make sure you keep it up to date, so you always know exactly what is due and when.


  • Get familiar with your technology 


Most schoolwork now has a technological component, whether you are watching online lectures, participating in online discussion groups or video calls, or completing coursework on the computer. No matter what you are studying, you are certainly relying on a computer for emails, communication, and sharing documents. It is imperative that you understand the technology you are using so that you can use it effectively. If you need help, there are many tech resources available to you, including IntelliTec’s own team of Computer Systems Technician students! Get comfortable with your technology, because we will be using it plenty in this time of computer-based distance learning. 


  • Keep connected with classmates and teachers 


Even though you are studying on your own at home, remember you are not alone! Just as before, you are supported in your studies by your dedicated teacher and a classroom community that cares about you. Your IntelliTec community is still here to share with you, work with you, and support you. It is a good idea to take advantage of any opportunity to connect with your teachers and classmates, both through formal online class meetings and discussion boards, and also through email, chat apps, social media sites and more. We may be working through this time individually, but we are also working through it together. So reach out to your community, maintain connections, and stay engaged with each other.


We want to take this opportunity to tell you that we are so proud of how the IntelliTec community is rising to this challenge. We are here for you, to help and support you with your studies and through this difficult time. Visit for more information about resources available to you, or click here for information specific to how IntelliTec is responding to COVID-19. Let’s all do our part to minimize the spread by doing our work through distance learning at home. If we remain dedicated to our studies and committed to reaching our career goals, then we can use this time as an opportunity to strengthen our study skills and invest ourselves even more fully in our future. Maintain structure, organization, and communication, and remember, we are all in this together.