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Start your Career Training NOW, with IntelliTec!

New Blended Learning Format for Fall 2020

The world we are living in is changing like never before. Many of us are feeling the pressure of these uncertain times, and you may be asking yourself, “how secure is my job?” and “how secure is my income, and my ability to provide for my family?” If you are wondering if you have the skills you need to provide the life you want for yourself and your family, then consider starting career training now. For over 50 years IntelliTec College has been teaching adults the in-demand skills they need to gain job security in good paying careers. With IntelliTec College’s new blended learning format, you can get started today with online career training! 

At IntelliTec, our students’ needs are our priority. So in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, IntellITec has developed an all new blended learning format. The Fall 2020 term at IntelliTec will give you the ultimate flexibility by allowing you to control when and where you study. IntelliTec’s blended learning format allows you to get started in your career training right now, through a combination of online curriculum and in-person instruction. There is no need to wait any longer to begin your new career, with IntelliTec, you can begin your career training now!

Concerned about health and safety during these uncertain times? Don’t worry! With IntelliTec, you can minimize your exposure by limiting your number of trips to campus. Many of our courses, including Career and College Readiness, our introductory course required of all students, are available to you in an online format. Many of our classes, in fact, can be started completely remotely. With remote learning, you will have the benefit to study when and where you want to; yet with IntelliTec, you will still have the opportunity to access in-person instruction and work in a group setting. Anytime you need assistance, you can schedule one-on-one time on campus with your instructor. If you miss interacting with others, there are scheduled labs you can participate in on-campus. Our new blended learning format allows you to schedule your education around your life- what you’re comfortable with, what you need, and what works best for you. At IntelliTec, your success is our priority. 

If you have been waiting for the right time to start a new career, the right time is now! We’ve frozen our tuition until the end of the year, and Federal Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. With IntelliTec, you can get the training you need- online and in-person- starting now, to start a new or better career. It is possible for you to begin your new career and start making more money in as little as 6-7 months. All you have to do is get started! Classes start soon; contact us today!