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Campus Student Services – New Student Questions and Resources

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Being a student can be hard, and sometimes you need answers. Do you know who can help you with questions you may have?

Your Instructor. If you have questions or need help with your class, your instructor is your first point of contact. It’s important to build relationships with your instructors and communicate with them regularly about your grades and attendance.            

Your Program Supervisor. Program Supervisors can help you with questions you may have about your career field, tutoring, make up testing, and point you to the right person and direction if they are unable to help you themselves.

The Dean of Faculty and Associate Dean of Faculty can help with curriculum questions, or if you feel you can’t talk with your Program Supervisor. They work closely with the Program Supervisors and instructors to provide a sound educational experience.

The Deans of Students work closely with the Retention Specialist and can help you access outside resources such as child care and social services. They also work closely with the Program Supervisors to track student attendance and attempt to intervene when a student misses too many classes. The Deans of Students also initiate withdraws, leaves of absence, and reenrollment procedures.

Financial Aid Representatives work closely with the Bursar, and can answer questions you may have about your financial aid package. They can help you understand your responsibilities as a financial aid borrower, and advise you about payments. The Bursar also handles VA benefits.

The Registrar and the Enrollment Coordinator work closely and can process any changes you may need to make in your personal contact information, schedule changes, transcript requests, and other official school paperwork.

Career Services works to find employment opportunities for current students who need a job while in school, and for graduates looking for jobs in their field. Career Services works closely with Program Supervisors to help you highlight your skills and increase employability.

Admissions Representatives were your first point of contact, and worked with you to help you enroll in school. They are still available to you to help you get in touch with the others already mentioned depending on your need.

The Associate Campus Director oversees the daily operations of the campus, and makes all final decisions. Everyone works closely with him to keep him informed of daily operations, and seeks his input and approval for decisions outside the scope of the various departments.


Always work to solve problems and find solutions at the lowest level. Although anyone on the campus administration team will help you find answers, respecting the chain of command will serve you not only in school, but also in the workplace.

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