Colorado Association of Career Colleges and Schools (CACCS) Honors IntelliTec Massage Therapy Graduate Teaerra Moore with “Student of the Year”

Massage Therapy Graduate Teaerra Moore Once Suffered From Chronic Pain and Believes Strongly in the Healing Touch of Massage, Claiming, “I’m in it for life.”

Teaerra Moore, Massage Therapy
Colorado Springs Massage Therapy Graduate Wins CACCS 2015 Student of the Year

The CACCS honored Teaerra Moore as the 2015 Student of the Year in the category of “Physical/Massage Therapy.” The Denver Post hosted the award ceremony on September 18th, 2015 in Denver, CO at 9:00 am.

The selection process was extraordinarily competitive as schools nominated only their best and brightest students. “Teaerra demonstrated outstanding performance during her academic and professional journey while enrolled at IntelliTec College,” claimed Massage Therapy Program Supervisor Kathy German. “She’s has an incredible commitment to her career with demonstrated professionalism with fellow classmates and her many returning clients,” German added.

Personal Experience with Over 10 Years of Pain Steered Her Into a Career as a Massage Therapist

This career choice didn’t happen by accident for Teaerra Moore. Her own experience with successful massage treatments led her to believe in this form of pain relief. “I suffered from chronic pain since the age of nine and have seen between 30-40 doctors over the years. Nothing provided long-term relief. Finally, one doctor recommended massage, and after only one week I started feeling better. It changed my life.”

With diligent research she found the right massage therapy school at IntelliTec College in Grand Junction. Her systematic approach eliminated other programs in the area, and when she walked through IntelliTec’s doors she knew she found the college that fit her. “Everything about it just felt right. I loved the professional atmosphere of the clinic and the hands-on program,” said Moore.

Moore’s Goal is to Become the Best Massage Therapist – For Herself and For Her Son

Moore has serious plans for her future. She’d like to work alongside an established massage therapist for two to three years, and then learn the medical side of pain in a chiropractor’s office. Within five years she’d like to open up her own clinic. Moore attributes her drive to her passion for massage, but more importantly, to her desire to have her son be proud of his mom. Moore said, “Even when times were hard (and they were!), I kept my focus on my son. I wanted him to see that I didn’t give up, and hopefully I taught him to not give up on things either.”

Love and Support Encourage Moore to Believe in Herself for the First Time in Her Life

Teaerra has had strong support from her academic community and her family throughout her education. Instructors encouraged her to never give up and to regularly revisit the reasons for her career path choice. “One instructor regularly reminded me that no matter how badly I wanted to be perfect, I didn’t have to be, and that things worth doing took time,” shared Moore. Her father led by example, Moore explained. “He didn’t tell me how to live, he lived and let me watch him do it. Plus, he gave me the best gift anyone has ever has ever given me; he believed in me.” 

About IntelliTec College in Grand Junction

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