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Dental Assistant Courses

Dental Assistant Courses

Become a Dental Assistant and Make Someone Smile! If your goal is to help provide a winning smile and healthy teeth for dental patients, let us provide the education and skills to attain that goal.

Students will prepare for the future through 45 credit hours of academic work including:

Major: Dental Assistant

Certificate: Dental Assistant
Credit Hours: 50
Time: 9 months

Graduates will have developed skills in a hands-on learning environment to function effectively as an integral member of a dental health team. Graduates will be prepared to function as an entry level dental assistant, and assume the responsibilities of performing chairside assisting procedures, maintaining and supplying clinical areas, scheduling patient appointments, maintaining patient charts and records, producing dental radiographs of diagnostic quality, as well as positioning and preparing patients for treatment or surgery. The graduate will be prepared to sit for the National Entry Level Dental Assistant (NELDA) exam.

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
DT-100 Dental Office Administration 8.0
DT-112 Science of Dentistry 8.0
DT-200 Dental Radiography 8.0
DT-220 Dental Chairside Assistin 8.0
DT-221 Dental Specialties Procedures and Materials 8.0
DT-230 Dental Externship 5.0


Credit Hours: 8.0
Prerequisite(s): None

This course will provide an introduction to clerical and administrative functions associated with the Dental industry. The student will develop reception techniques and methods for interacting with patients and coworkers. In addition, the student will be introduced to patient records, billing and coding, dental charting, treatment planning, OSHA regulations, infection control and practical application of Dentrix Dental Office Management Software and a variety of common clerical and administrative functions. The student will explore an awareness of today's workplace with the diversity, teamwork, technology, market competition, community relations, initiative and adaptability, learning styles, problem solving, and customer relations that transform the way we do business. Students will develop written and oral communication skills, as well as professional presentation in body language, appearance, and business etiquette.

DT-112 Science of Dentistry

Credit Hours: 8.0
Prerequisite(s): None

This course introduces the correlation between oral and systemic health. The focus is on head and neck anatomy, preventive dentistry, presentation, volunteer work, research, tooth morphology, and dental patient education.

DT-200 Dental Radiography

Credit Hours: 8.0
Prerequisite(s): DT100, DT112

This course presents theories and techniques of radiation health and safety including physics, biology, x-ray units, types of films, quality assurance, storage, interpretation, and patient safety. Hands-on techniques of radiation health and safety are presented in a laboratory setting. Topics include processing, mounting, and in-depth safety practices.

DT-220 Dental Chairside Assisting

Credit Hours: 8.0
Prerequisite(s): DT100, DT112

This course features a dental office laboratory setting and treatment room with hands-on practice of patient positioning, instrument usage, sterilization procedures, and anesthetic application techniques providing an intense focus on chairside assisting. Every procedure is defined and demonstrated with the didactic skills developed individually to assist the Dentist.

DT-221 Dental Specialties Procedures & Materials

Credit Hours: 8.0
Prerequisite(s): DT100, DT112

This course explores the responsibilities and functions of the Dental Assistant in a variety of specialized applications including periodontics; dental implants; oral and maxillofacial surgery; hospital dentistry; pharmacology; and dental emergency management with recognition, prevention, proper response and emergency treatment. Concise presentation of theory is bolstered by extensive hands-on skill development in a simulated clinic environment. Students will explore various dental materials such as composites, impression materials, gypsum products, dental cements, dental amalgam, bases and liners. Model trimming procedures are presented in this course. Students will practice fabrication including custom tray construction and prosthodontic materials.

DT-230 Dental Externship

Credit Hours: 5.0
Prerequisite(s): DT100, DT112, DT200, DT220, DT221

Students receive real world, practical experience in a practicing dental office or clinic applying the knowledge and utilizing the skills developed as a dental assistant.