My New Year’s Resolution: Get My GED

One of the most exciting things about a new year is the potential to try new things, meet new people, and achieve new goals. With so much to accomplish and do, why not choose a goal that has clear steps and serious benefits?

Getting your GED, or General Educational Development, opens so many doors on your path to having financial and professional success. Today, with a growing job market and a growing number of graduates with advanced degrees, the competition for a new career can be serious.

The GED puts you on a path towards a skilled position, where you can learn, grow, and lead a fulfilling life. Without a high school diploma or equivalent, many people find themselves shut out of job opportunities.

If you feel like you are capable of more and deserve a better career, consider putting “get my GED” onto your resolution list!

What is the GED?

The General Educational Development test began in World War II as a way to help soldiers who had served in the War earn their high school degree and begin a new career.

Since then, the GED test has remained important for high school dropouts or those who were unable to attend high school and earn their diploma. The exam covers some of the most crucial subjects taught in the high school classroom: social studies, science, language arts (reading and writing sections), and mathematics.

The Social Studies section is 50 questions, multiple choice, which covers topics like history (American, Canadian, and World), geography, civics and government, and economics.

The Science section is 50 multiple choice questions, covering physical science (physics and chemistry), life science, and earth and space science.

The Language Arts, Reading section is 40 questions, in multiple choice format, with 75% of the test covering fictional literature and 25% focused on non-fiction. Subjects covered can range from poetry and drama to visual and performing arts reviews.

The Language Arts, Writing section has two parts. The first is 50 questions on grammatical aspects of writing, including organization, sentence structure, usage, and mechanics. The second part of the Writing section is a written essay. You will be given a prompt and then must present your views about the topic, writing in a clear, concise manner.

Finally, the Mathematics section is 50 multiple choice questions, ranging from number operations and geometry to statistics and algebra. This section blends practical knowledge such as formulas and methods with larger concepts like probability and patterns.

Why is the GED Important?

The GED is viewed as the equivalent of a high school diploma. For whatever reason you did not complete high school, now is your chance to accomplish that goal!

For many jobs, a high school diploma is the entry you need to begin a new career. Without a diploma, you can feel stuck in a job that does not pay well or does not make you happy. Or, you can find yourself unable to find any job at all. If you have ever had a regret about not getting a high school diploma, the GED is here to help.

Not only does the GED position you for a better, higher-paying job, but it also instills a sense of accomplishment, self-worth, and pride for achieving this goal. By learning all the information the test covers, you are better prepared to take on a new job and to understand the world around you.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power! Taking the time to invest in yourself and your knowledge of history, literature, science, math, and the world around you makes you a well-rounded, educated person. Plus, taking the time to study and take the exam impresses many hiring managers. Knowing that you are a hard worker and are dedicated to being more shows that you can succeed in any career!

What Opportunities Can My GED Give Me?

Getting your GED isn’t just the end of the journey; it’s the beginning! Once you have earned your GED, the opportunities for new jobs open up and the ability to advance is possible.

Did you know that getting your GED doesn’t just help you in the job market, but it also positions you to keep learning in higher education? The GED is the prerequisite you need to attend college and get an advanced degree or certificate.

At IntelliTec College, a high school diploma or GED is required to begin training at our career college. Once you have your GED and apply with us, you are well on your way to a great new career path.

Our wide range of programs are all focused on teaching that is focused on learning and doing. Our instructors give the latest information about the field, while also giving students hands-on experiences to truly be job-ready.

Interested in some of the career paths we offer at IntelliTec? Click here to browse all of our programs and find one that is right for you! All of our programs are geared towards careers that are necessary, hiring, and in need of a hard worker like you.

How Do I Prepare for the GED?

When reviewing the many topics that are on the GED exam, you may have started to feel a little overwhelmed. World history? Sentence structure? Geometry? It is a lot of information to remember, re-learn, or learn for the first time.

But don’t panic. The GED, like any other standardized test, can be taught. Courses, books, and practice tests are all available to help you feel prepared and succeed!

Since we know how valuable the GED can be for so many, we offer GED preparation classes at our IntelliTec College of Pueblo campus. In the classes, you learn the material that you will be tested on, while also getting practice in taking the computer version of the test.

The computer version of the GED is preferred for many, since it allows for easy, online registration and instant test results (with the exception of the written essay portion). In the class, you will get a feel for taking the exam on a computer, while also getting up to speed on the exam material.

How Much Does the GED Cost?

The GED costs $150, breaking down to $37.50 per section. When you schedule your test, you will need to pay for the exam upfront.

If you end up needing to retake a portion of the test, you can simply make up your section by paying $37.50, rather than taking the entire exam again!

Registration and payment for the test is accepted through the GED’s website; check the website for further information or price changes for your area.

Where and When Do I Take the GED?

Just as our Pueblo campus offers GED preparation classes, our Grand Junction campus is a GED test-taking facility. The Grand Junction campus hosts online, computer testing of the GED for your convenience.

Although you can take the test at our Grand Junction campus, you must first register, schedule, and pay for your test at Once you have done this, you can come to us on your scheduled date to take the test.

The Grand Junction campus offers GED exams on Tuesdays, 1:30-5PM, and Fridays, 9AM-5PM. Schedule the time that is best for you online, and we look forward to seeing you on test day.

Take the GED Exam in Colorado in 2018!

Resolve to do more, learn more, and be more in the new year. Earning your GED is the beginning of an important step for yourself and your future career!

Taking the time to invest in yourself in this important way will bring you pride and confidence that you can do anything. Challenge yourself this year and become a better version of yourself in the years ahead.
Click here to learn more about the GED, with the preparation classes and test day offered by IntelliTec College campuses in Colorado.

Wondering what doors your GED can open for you? Explore the programs IntelliTec offers to see how one test can change your entire life.

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