9 Months at College Leads to 3 Job Offers for Pharmacy Technician Graduate Taeler Monroe

Have the Courage to Make a Choice and Take a Chance to Make a Change, If Not It’ll All Just Stay the Same.

Life is about choices on so many levels, and no one knows that better than recent Pharmacy Technician college graduate Taeler Monroe. Monroe was so determined to complete her pharmacy technician certificate, she drove 40 miles each way to attend classes at IntelliTec College in Grand Junction.

“She never missed a day. Even in the snowy, winter months Taeler maintained perfect attendance,” says Allison McKissen, Pharmacy Technician Program Supervisor. “I’m so proud of her drive and her determination to make a better life for herself and her son. She’s mature beyond her years,” McKissen adds.

Once she completed her nine-month Pharmacy Technician training program, Monroe interviewed for several jobs and received three offers. She was able to quit her job in the food service industry and accepted a position at a retail pharmacy with full-time hours.

“Now I come home at the end of the day and think to myself ‘I did it!’ I’m off all government help. I have a son. We have a nice place. And now I have an amazing job where we aren’t living check-to-check. Sometimes I get emotional because I would have never imagined my life like this right now,” explains Monroe.

Pharmacy Technician college graduate Taeler Monroe.
Pharmacy Technician graduate of IntelliTec College in Grand Junction: Taeler Monroe and her son.

If You Really Want It, You Find a Way to Make it Work

Taeler believes her struggles were no different than those of most students. However, she was committed to finishing what she started, regardless of her very real exhaustion from motherhood, work and academic demands. She didn’t just finish, though; she finished strong, earning a National Technical Honor Society certificate as well as straight A’s.

“I missed one day because I had my wisdom teeth removed. The next day, I went right back to class. Also, I’m the youngest to both graduate the Pharmacy Technician program and pass my national exam,” says Monroe.

To Get Somewhere You Have Never Been, You Have to Do Something You Have Never Done

“They [IntelliTec College] know you have a life. They know some of us have kids. And almost all of us work. I was really happy to discover they were flexible enough to have options that worked around my life,” explains Monroe.

There were days she struggled to manage such a hectic schedule. Between her commitments to her son, her job, and her classes Monroe questioned if she could finish her degree. She’d arrive home close to midnight most evenings completely exhausted, and wonder how she’d ever keep this going.

“Then I’d look at my sleeping son and think about his future. It would reenergize me every time,” comments Monroe.

It takes courage to take that first step, acknowledges Monroe, and then the ability to stick to a commitment. But the rewards are empowering personally and professionally. She looks ahead to her future and says excitedly,

“I have goals now. I’d like to further my career and eventually work in a hospital. But my immediate plan is to buy a house. I never thought I’d be barely 20 years old with such grown-up plans!”

About the Pharmacy Technician program in Grand Junction

The Pharmacy Technician program in Grand Junction gives you hands-on career training to earn your professional certificate, designed to be completed in nine months. Feel satisfied you are making a contribution to patient wellness as you learn to work with clinical laboratory equipment and develop hands-on pharmacy technician skills. Complete an externship and be prepared to sit for the PTCB Pharmacy Technician certification exam.

About IntelliTec College in Grand Junction

IntelliTec College in Grand Junction offers hands-on career training in the automotive technician, business/accounting, cosmetology/beauty, dental assisting, medical assisting, pharmacy technician and refrigeration & HVAC technician fields with associate degree (occupational) and professional certificate programs. Request information at or call 1-800-748-2282.

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